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Member Since 17 Apr 2005
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In Topic: Celiac And Migraines

09 June 2006 - 04:59 PM

A lot of migraines are caused by magnesium deficiency. And a lot of celiacs are magnesium deficient. Take 200 mg of magnesium glycinate (KAL magnesium glyicnate - google that and you can buy this product cheap. No I don't sell it, it just works!) every hour until the migraine goes away.


In Topic: Hyper Sensitive Tongue?

24 February 2006 - 10:54 AM

I have always had geographic tongue. My tongue is very sensitive to all that you mention above. Plus, I got glutened on Christmas day and my tongue had two big canker sores on the bottom and was lacerated all across the top. Talk about annoying and painful. A very long week ensued!


In Topic: Colon Pain And Tenderness?

19 February 2006 - 06:22 AM

Yes, I had colon pain every day for about two years before I figured out I had celiac disease. I took an antacid twice a day that whole time and some days it works and some it didn't. Then I come to find out that the antacid I was on was not gluten free. I went off antacids, went gluten free and after a couple of months the colon pain was absolutely gone. I would, however, suggest a colonoscopy to determine if your colon is healthy. A lot of colon cancer is basically longstanding untreated celiac disease. Also, other than bloating I did not notice any problems in my small intestines, either.


In Topic: Struggling With The Email

16 February 2006 - 02:39 PM

Thank you, Karen, problem solved. I'm afraid I must have looked like Ground Hog Day (the movie), two very similar but not the same emails sent. Live and learn. Thanks so much!


In Topic: Born And Raised... First Post....

15 February 2006 - 05:10 PM

I am wondering if you have Tourette's Syndrome, which is a probable cause for the facial and body tics. I have never read where Tourette's is connected to celiac disease but since celiac can cause neurological symptoms (I have celiac induced epilepsy) it may be responsible for the Tourette's. There are medications that can help some people with Tourette's. I would google Tourette's Syndrome and if you think you have it I would find a good psychiatrist or neurologist to get a med eval if the tics are bothersome enough that you want to get some med help. I am a therapist and can help you with how to find a good psychiatrist or neurologist. E-mail me if you would like some help with that.

I, like the others, am not the least bit depressed about celiac disease. I actually am thrilled to have found such a relatively easy cure for managing the disease. No side effects connected with the gluten-free diet!!! And I love feeling so good.


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