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Member Since 26 Jun 2011
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Pseudo Coeliacs

17 April 2014 - 10:57 PM

Just a minor vent, I suppose.  We went on a family road trip last weekend while my brother was down here visiting and my dad and his wife invited their friend along.  I'd met her before, she came for dinner one night and was a bit excited to find out that all my cooking is gluten free due to my child being coeliac, and that we also do not eat meat.  She's vegetarian and coeliac, so she told me, and even on our road trip we drove past KR Castlemaine where the ham and bacon products come from and she started getting upset about the treatment of pigs and saying this is why she can't stand the thought of eating them.  Anyway we were discussing where to go for lunch and I said there was one place I know that has gluten free, vegan options in one little town and also an Indian place where all the curries are gluten free and a couple of them are vegan.  This friend then told my brother that she, too, is coeliac so it's good to know she doesn't have to worry when she's with us.


Fast forward to lunch time, we made sure we were in that particular town at lunch time and went to the cafe, although we did check out the menu at other places.  I ordered a roast vege toasted sandwich to share with my daughter which was vegan provided no spread was used, and it was delicious.  I even had to double check the bread was gluten free it was so yummy! We also had the garden salad with it to share.  Friend, on the other hand, ordered a salmon wrap which was not vegetarian, nor gluten free!  All the while saying out loud in the cafe that she's a vegetarian coeliac!  The staff gave me "the look" whereby I knew they were thinking what I was thinking, but I still felt nervous about other people in the cafe who might now think that wraps are fine for coeliacs!


It's her life, her business, she might well be coeliac and willing to eat it at the risk of feeling very sick later on, but I think people being vocal like that about it then ordering something that isn't gluten free really does make it more difficult for everyone.  Like I said, just a minor vent but it's been playing on my mind for a full week now!


Happy Easter everyone, hope you have a good one :)

Hello Again!

02 February 2014 - 11:19 PM

Hi again everyone. Well we've had yet another move, arrived here about 3 weeks ago but have very limited internet access at the moment.  The internet is not yet connected at my house.  In fact, we don't even have water other than tank water! So I'm using the computer at my dad's house.


We made it down, school went back for the year last week and my daughter has made a few friends and will be going on the upcoming school camp.  I'm not concerned about them catering to her gluten free diet because one of the staff members going is also coeliac, I'm just not sure if they'll get the whole vegan thing right.  They seem ok, but the camp provides the food, not the school.  It looks like a fun camp though.


So we now live in Victoria and have many adventures ahead of us.  We're going camping up Mount Franklin (where the Mt Franklin water comes from) and we have the Events Calendar with loads of activities that we'll partake in.  There are a lot of gluten free vegan options here, so much more than expected so even though I do pack an esky, most times we don't need to eat what's in it.


09 January 2014 - 05:34 AM

We're moving to Victoria, starting the drive down on Saturday.  We're moving to Ballarat, but will be travelling throughout Victoria during school holiday times so was after some ideas of different eating places in the area that cater to vegans with coeliac disease.  There are some around where we're moving to, and also in Melbourne, but I'm more meaning other areas of Victoria for when we go travelling.  We've only visited once and it was before the coeliac disease was discovered.

Christmas Food - How Far Ahead Of Time?

04 December 2013 - 05:41 PM

How far ahead of time do you make things like Christmas shortbread, cake and muffins?  They are all vegan.  We'll be away and I want everything ready to go, not have to waste time cooking when we're in a holiday apartment.

Christmas Party Time

21 November 2013 - 05:00 PM

We have the second Christmas party of the year tomorrow night, but at the first one we all took our own food.  At this one it's been requested that we take a plate of food to share, and also there will be fairy floss and a sausage sizzle.


Obviously being vegan, even if they got gluten-free sausages my child wouldn't be able to take them.


Just wondering what ideas people have for food to take, and also how do you manage these events where everyone takes something to share?  I know the school one will be the same.

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