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Member Since 27 Jun 2011
Offline Last Active Jul 09 2014 05:27 PM

Topics I've Started

Packaging/labelling Issues!

06 December 2011 - 11:37 AM

I'm not going to say where I bought this chocolate or the kind, but if on the outer box list of ingredients differ from the smaller ones inside it (warehouse packaging)is that an issue? I got glutened because the outer box listed:

Sugar, unsweetened chocolate, glucose, cocoa butter, butter oil, soya lecithin, natural and artificial flavour, citric acid, ivertase.

But, look at the inner box difference:

Sugar, unsweetened chocolate, glucose(MADE FROM CORN AND/OR WHEAT), cocoa butter, butter oil (made from milk), soya lecithin, natural and artificial flavour, citric acid, ivertase.

Do you think I should contact the company or is this normal to not list the full ingredients on outside of warehouse packaging?

Reputation ?

29 November 2011 - 01:28 PM

I haven't been on the boards too long and was wondering how a person's "reputation" gets higher? Do people vote? Is it how many posts you do?

Gluten Free In Vancouver Bc Canada

28 November 2011 - 11:43 PM

I'm heading to beautiful Vancouver BC, Canada later this week and wonders if anyone knows of some good gluten-free restaurants there? Any ideas would be super helpful! :D

Milk Intolerance & Eating Gluten-Free

24 November 2011 - 05:41 PM

Has anyone else who couldn't handle lactose have it now that you are gluten-free? For my whole life I couldn't until now and I love dairy now! :D

Spelt & MiIL

24 November 2011 - 04:28 PM

My MIL "informed" me that I should eat Spelt as it's low in gluten. I told her that yes it is BUT it is not gluten free and was unable to eat the bread she made me. She is none too impressed with me! Is it rude to give her a list of things I can't eat?

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