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Member Since 30 Jun 2011
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Forgot The Name In Utah

05 January 2012 - 03:24 PM

I know it was mentioned before, but I cannot find it anywhere. Someone had mentioned a gluten free bakery in I believe it was the Sandy area of Salt Lake City. I am traveling back up to SLC on the 20th and would like to find some extra options since I have not been there since about 2007 and before I knew I could not eat gluten. Funny thing is that it is my home town and I am going to visit friends by myself since the kids have school and all that and it's my birthday trip. I think I can make there in under 10 hours. I usually make to Vegas from my home in about 3.

Thanks for any help,

Ray :D

A Tale Of A Moron

10 August 2011 - 02:36 PM

You know, some epileptic people are lucky enough to know what can cause their seizures. For me nowadays, I know that gluten is the main culprit. So last Saturday my nephew calls and asks if I want to join him on a "canyon run" on the mulholland highway in Los Angeles. I say sure because I have always loooooved driving and the more performance minded the better. Earlier I had stopped off at the store and bought some food, one of the items being a Gallo salami chub(We usually buy the non-wrapped ones in different packaging - no problems there). You know, it's wrapped and has a (I'm now assuming) flour coating over the whole wrapping. I ate a few slices and then was on my way with my nephew following behind me. Made it to where we were supposed to meet and met some nice guys. While talking to them, I started feeling that old bad fuzzy head feeling and excused myself from the area. I went to the restroom and proceeded to have at least an aura or simple partial seizure. I had squatted down by the sink during the episode and when I stood back up and looked in the mirror, my eyes were blood shot. After that was over, I was feeling fine like usual afterwards and proceeded to go on this crazy windy road run. So the moral of this story is,,,,,, don't be a moron like me and risk too much. If this had happened during the run, I probably wouldn't be writing this post right now. Bye for now and flame all you want for being this foolish. lol


Ray B)

Old Spaghetti Factory/ Original Pancake House

05 July 2011 - 04:03 PM

So along with some other places I go to is the Old Spaghetti Factory. My family and I went there for a birthday party and I was planning on getting a salad with no croutons. Looking at the menu, I saw that they now had gluten free noodles!!! :lol:
Now I had to try it and I tell you it was great. I was also told that all their sauces were gluten free. Now I do still miss the sourdough bread and the smell is soooo good. But just to enjoy pasta with the rest of the family is so much fun.

Shortly after being diagnosed, we went to the Original Pancake House. Planning on a nice omlette and saw on the menu that they are now serving gluten free pancakes!! It was just getting too good. The pancakes are delicious and I always get the bacon as well. I don't get the omelettes any more. My wife and I are convinced that they add a little batter to the eggs so that they are fluffier,,,,,,,,, and I have had a couple of siezures sometime after eating there. Of course there are a few other places now serving gluten free products as so many already know. My friends told me that BJ's has a gluten free pizza there.



Hello, New Here

30 June 2011 - 01:39 PM

Hi all,

My name is Ray and I thought I'd check this site out. Now I'm not a celiac, but was diagnosed as being gluten sensitive, I am also epileptic. While talking to friends on epilepsyfoundation.org, it was suggested by someone (who is now somewhat of a friend) to check into gluten sensitivity. As I studied, this is linked to the diagnosis I received from one of my neurologists. I was diagnosed with Hypocampal Sclerosis, which is a degeneration of my hypocampus. We couldn't figure out why I was still having problems even after going through brain surgery. After it was suggested and I studied into to it and got tested, I was diagnosed as being gluten sensitive and then found out that it could've been a cause of my epilepsy. Now I don't have the sensetivity as many I read about in posts and I don't get sick from eating gluten products. To a degree, I sometimes feel it's can be a bit worse, but I am not trying to offend anyone of your sensitivities, nothing but respect for all dealing with this. Like I said, I don't get sick, but I will have siezures upon eating glluten products. It even seems as though I have become more senstive since going gluten free. I stole a pepperoni off one of my kids pizza slices one night and then went through having minor siezures for the better part of the following day. I've been relieved that so many restaurants have added gluten free menus to their products now. The main risk I have in the possibility of eating gluten products now is that I have a 35 mile trip to get to work up a winding mountain road. That could be very dangerous if I have a siezure on the road. Plus I can't afford to lose my driving priviledge either. Any way, I saw this web site and thought I'd have people with positive thoughts to share and find more help in this world that I have taken up for just about a year now.



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