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Saucy Chicken

25 July 2011 - 02:42 PM

It was with GREAT RELIEF that after a search for gluten-free ingredients, we found this family favorite is already gluten free! Yay!!!!!

I can't take credit for this recipe, but I can't give credit either, because I had it at a dinner party 25+ years ago and can't remember the hostess' name! :huh:

The ingredients sound gross, but trust me on this, it is so yummy your kids AND your guests will beg for more. And SUPER EASY - even my teens make it on their own.

Here you go:
B/S chicken breasts or tenderloins
(4-5 breasts or 8 - 10 tenderloins)
1 small bottle of Kraft 1000 Island dressing (verified gluten-free 7/2011)
1 pkg of gluten-free dry onion soup mix.
(My Kroger & Albertson's store brands are both gluten-free.)
12 - 14 oz of apricot preserves (gluten-free)

Preheat oven to 350.
Quickly sear the chicken in a frying pan.
In a bowl, combine the other 3 ingredients.
Put the chicken in a baking dish.
Pour sauce over the chicken.
Bake 30-40 minutes.

Serve over rice with salad or vegies.

What Would You Do?

19 July 2011 - 04:18 PM

So, hubby's test results came back - genetically he is DQ2/DQ2 (which increases his risk to 1 in 3 or 4 instead of 1:133), but his antibodies are well within normal range. Still, he is very symptomatic. If these were your results, what would you do? Dumb question, I know, but ...

Has Treatment Helped Your Relationship?

03 July 2011 - 08:10 AM

I've been searching for some links on this, and haven't found anything.

My husband is in the diagnostic process at this point. For the last several years, our marriage has been horrible. His emotional distance, depression, irritability, mood swings, fatigue - all have taken a huge toll. We've been through counseling, but follow up is a challenge, mostly because he is usually so sick that he comes home from work and climbs into bed. I don't want to make it sound like "its all his fault", one of my biggest contributions is probably that I don't know how to emotionally relate to "down" people. I try to "fix" them so that I don't have to be in that energy. Still, living with a person who is ill, in pain, depressed and withdrawn... well, its tough.

I know that our problems may have nothing to do with celiac or gluten intolerance, but I'm hopeful that with a gluten free diet there will be some improvement at least in his mood, and maybe some positive changes in our relationship.

Please, I am looking for hope. If you have a similar story, please share.

New Here, Our Story

03 July 2011 - 06:52 AM

We've had a strange journey so far, and as we have MD appts, but no test results yet, we're in a difficult transition time.

My husband started developing full blown symptoms about 2-3 years ago - elimination problems, rashes, gas, joint pain, brain fog, emotional/behavioral problems, and much more. He has seen more specialists than you can imagine, and none of them have even considered celiac disease. He even saw a GE who ran tests and told him he had NO INTESTINAL FLORA at all!!! and still no tests for celiac disease. This same GE told him he was positive for Chrone's and that he probably has IBD. His father was a type 1 Diabetic, his mother died of colon cancer, and he has an aunt with Chrone's. Hmmmm..... anyway, a friend sent him a link with info about celiac disease and the more we read, the more clear everything became, so he called the local support group and got a referral for a GE who has diagnosed and treated celiac disease, and now the appt is scheduled. Thank God! Looking back, however, there are red flags waving in the distance (thoughout his life) - unexplained reactive hypoglycemia symptoms, tinnitis, inflammatory sinus problems (to date 7, yes 7, sinus surgeries), periodic depressions, periods of extreme fatigue, trouble maintaining his weight (he is 5'10" and about 160 lbs).

The funny thing is, the more I read (in preparation for becoming a gluten-free cook and to better understand HIS potential disorder), the more I started to think "this could be me, too". I don't have the same symptoms he has (his are pretty classic) - I DO have, however, chronic low serum ferretin (iron deficiency anemia) without "apparent" cause, vitamin D deficiency, restless leg syndrome, chronic diarhhea (4+ years now - good times...), migraines, sleep apnea, systemic joint pains (all over), and GAS!!!!!! embarrassingly too much gas. I started puberty very late - almost 17 when I started menstruating, and was underweight until that time. Since my late teens, I have been severely overweight (it was sudden - I went from the skinny kid to being plus sized in about a year), but my weight is inconsistent with the amount of food I eat.

So we start thinking about our daughters, and there are signs there as well, especially w/the younger daughter - underweight, almost 18 and the only way she HAS periods is to be on the pill (just started a few months ago), joint pains, distended abdomen especially after eating, frequent stomach aches, trouble concentrating, etc. etc. etc. Our older daughter doesn't complain much about digestive type issues, but she has frequent migraines, lifelong dermatitis, low energy.

All in all, put together with our family histories, we think we may have a potential nest of either celiac disease or non-DC gluten intolerance.

The hardest part of the last several years has been the toll on our marriage. My husband's mood swings, depression, fatigue, irritability, and brain fog, and my inability to not take all of this so personally, has led to a dismal relationship. We've been to workshops, counseling, etc. He says he wants to make things better, but he just doesn't have the energy to really participate. He basically works all day, comes home, eats dinner, and crawls into bed in pain and exhausted and sad/feeling hopeless. gluten-free may NOT resolve our relationship issues, but I gotta hope that if gluten sensitivity or celiac disease is the culprit, we will at least get to examine and work on our relationship from a healthier place once diagnostic testing is done and we can begin living gluten-free. I have searched but not been able to find any information on the effects of non-diagnosed celiac disease on relationship quality, but it just seems there's got to be a link.

I welcome any information, insights, stories as we work our way through the process.

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