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Fairy Dancer

Member Since 06 Jul 2011
Offline Last Active Jul 15 2012 04:33 AM

#806048 What To Do For Breakfast?

Posted by on 24 June 2012 - 09:55 AM

I am on the paleo diet (which is grain free and diary free) and I will eat just about anything for breakfast including meat and vegetables (aye I know lol...). I moved away from traditional breakfast foods when I changed my diet.

For something closer to tradition though I often eat some nuts, berries and a couple of poached/boiled/scrambled or fried eggs etc (depending on which I prefer at the time).

Or, if I am not feeling very hungry some macadamia nuts and a banana does the trick...
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#776349 Yeah, But Yours Wasn't Real

Posted by on 25 February 2012 - 04:10 PM

I would have replied with: "yes, my food was an hallucination and you imagined the whole thing...you might want to see a dr about that!"
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#739469 It's Annoying!

Posted by on 17 October 2011 - 03:46 PM

I see nothing wrong with trying out a gluten free diet if that's what they want to do but they should be warned that it won't necessarily help them lose weight (it can still be high calorie, high fat and high carb).

I am not diagnosed as celiac but as I was getting various health problems and as celiac disease is in the family I decided to try a gluten free diet. I have had some improvement to my health but its only been about 3 months so I want to give it a bit longer. I do know the improvements reversed themselves the few times I tried to put grains/wheat/gluten back in.

I don't think eating gluten free lessens the impact of celiac disease on those who suffer from it and neither should it affect public opinion of celiac disease. I think they should make it clear though that they are only eating gluten free out of personal choice and not out of a medical need to do so as they are different things.

Personally I can see the allure to eating gluten free...Although I went gluten free for my health I was glad to see the back of bread. That stuff always did taste like cardboard to me, especially wholemeal. I only used to eat it cause it was 'supposed' to be healthy.
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#738941 End Of My Rope

Posted by on 15 October 2011 - 01:28 PM

Try the Paleo diet if you can and eliminate grains (all of them!), dairy, and legumes (including soy as it comes from a legume). Avoid heavily processed foods as well.

The basic rule of thumb is if you can't hunt it or pick it in the wild...don't eat it! If it is something you could hunt or gather because its a natural food...go for it!

Have you tried cooking the meat in its own juices? I tend to find you don't really need to add oil when cooking meat as it tends to have enough fat in it already. Use non stick pans though.
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#724716 Celiac Cost Me Everything

Posted by on 22 August 2011 - 10:24 AM

Many hugs

I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety yet on a gluten free diet my symptoms are disappearing one by one. However, over the years, due to my not being well my family turned against me also and I too have no one.

I feel your pain.

I hope things improve for you x
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#723497 What Do You Think Of This Article Saying Celiacs Can Consume Gluten?

Posted by on 17 August 2011 - 09:35 AM

I am not diagnosed as celiac but have found that I have greatly improved my health by going gluten free. Everything from my fatigue to the dizziness and brain fog I was suffering from has disappeared. 4 weeks ago I could hardly get out of bed and if I wanted to mow my back garden it would take me 4 days (and my garden is not that big) because I would have to keep stopping due to feeling ill. However recently I managed both back and front in the same day and had energy left over to trim the hedge. Its strange as I am not used to feeling this well. I have felt like death warmed up for years, which my drs kept putting down to anxiety and depression. Therapy and meds did nothing to help though.

Now, I am still not quite 100% but each I day I feel a bit better. I almost feel 18 again in some ways.

However if I eat even small amounts of wheat or gluten I will start to see the return of some of the symptoms that now seem to have vanished. So I would rather not expose myself to any gluten at all!
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#722384 Hair Getting Less Grey After Gluten Free

Posted by on 12 August 2011 - 12:24 PM

I could do with that benefit as I am going grey and have been for years! It's really noticeable on me as well because my hair is naturally very dark and the grey is white in contrast. I'd love for my hair to return to it's naturally dark colour but for now I have to use hair dye to help it lol.

Even my body hair is starting to turn white in places...can't dye that though lol.

On the bright side the hair blends in with my complexion as I'm naturally pale skinned. Unfortunately I burn like hell if I go out in the sun though. I don't suppose going gluten free can improve that at all?
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#721058 Undiagnosed For So Long…What Can I Expect?

Posted by on 05 August 2011 - 04:24 PM


You said:

"Another issue that might apply in your case is...becoming a different person, in a sense. Some of my symptoms that match yours would be: sinus problems, inflammation issues, chronic plantar fasciitis, lowered immune system, brain fog, fatigue, low concentration. There were others, too, like joint pain, anxiety or anger management issues, insomnia and light sleeping, overweight, vertigo, clumsiness, problems with the noise in a crowd and lights at night while driving.

Every last one of these is freaking gone. I can't even SAY how amazing that's been. Old injuries I had that always twinged when I'd do certain things finally healed up. I can walk without pain, think again, sleep again and feel rested, breathe, go through a day with no headaches or joint pain. And I can FEEL. Before, there was this low to mid level irritation that was always there, all the time. Same with this overwhelming sadness that never completely went away. And it is. Gone. Things that would drive me nuts before I just don't even mind at all right now."

I say:

I also get symptoms such as brain fog, fatigue, headaches, depression, anxiety and anger issues, insomnia, overweight, vertigo, clumsiness and problems with noisy crowded places and light sensitivity. I have found in the time that I have been gluten free that my anger is slowly subsiding and I am now less irritable and grumpy than I was but I was not aware that going gluten free could help with other issues like the crowded places etc.

Now I am hoping that my issues with those things will eventually fade too! They, combined with my stomach issues, have long been a pain in the arse so to speak lol.
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#721032 Undiagnosed For So Long…What Can I Expect?

Posted by on 05 August 2011 - 02:59 PM

I have been almost gluten free now for two weeks (I had a few days where I did eat gluten in the form of wheat but had a vile reaction to it 3 times in a row so pulled it back out again) as I am trying a gluten free diet to see if it helps with some of the symptoms I am getting (fatigue, feeling hung over and unwell most days, stomach issues etc).

Anyway it's very early days but I have noticed very slight improvements in some ways, even if they have not yet gone completely (slightly less acid reflux, diarrhoea is slightly less frequent and the hung over feeling is and was passing until I spent today with a migraine (wrong time of the month) so for now its back again until that passes...although on saying that it feels more like I have had a labotomy than anything lol. Now I know how jack nicolson felt in one flew over the cuckoos nest *ahem*).

Anyway, I think it takes a bit of time for your system to clear itself out properly and to recover from any damage or upset. The amount of time that takes seems to vary from person to person. I hope your symptoms subside quickly and you are feeling better soon.
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