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Fairy Dancer

Member Since 06 Jul 2011
Offline Last Active Jul 15 2012 04:33 AM

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3D induced Migraine! Fun to see things flying out of the telly, not so fun the next day with the vertigo and migraine pain.
Feb 10 2012 09:19 AM

Me: So tell me...Do you like carbon? Them: Um, why? Me: Because I'd like to date you! (Just testing my new chat up line on twitter lol)
Feb 08 2012 05:40 PM

I am uncertain about uncertainties! Ha.
Feb 06 2012 07:42 AM

Sky Diving...amazing stuff. I almost want to try it.
Feb 04 2012 07:06 PM

I need to go get my rocks off...or in, as may be the case!
Jan 31 2012 05:18 AM

flibberty gibberty flibbity flibit.
Jan 29 2012 01:27 AM

Turning my bedroom into a mini gym. It's nice to have energy to work out again.
Aug 24 2011 05:23 AM
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