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Member Since 09 Jul 2011
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#756343 A Cure For Celiac!

Posted by on 13 December 2011 - 06:06 AM

I can understand the bitterness and cynical attitude - I didn't even have GI issues before I was diagnosed (I lived with debilitating pain and crazy dizziness, etc.) and I am so frustrated by the number of doctors that suggested I "stop picking up my children so much", stop nursing so I could take narcotics/steriods, that it is was all in my head, or that I do more "core" exercises. I was almost euphoric when I found out about celiac because I finally had an answer and it didn't involve drugs and going gluten free worked! BUT, I my two kids also were diagnosed and we are a traveling and on-the-go family. Despite unbelievable amount of planning ahead, cc and mistakes do happen and it really brings the pain and issues with the kids all flooding back. I think of small little things that I want for my kids besides convenience (I was wild and crazy in college! How will they kiss someone at a party without having to ask if that person had beer? :) ). If there is a treatment (I like the idea of the pill they are developing that you take just when you need to - I asked about this in a thread just before this one on this forum), I wouldn't dismiss it. I understand that there are people that have lived with this for a very long time and that many people have come to terms with the limitations. Then there is enormous crop of newbies (I am approaching one year at this) and the adjustment, while it does get easier, is not preferable to the ease and convenience of our gluten-filled life. I would never accept a drug or treatment without investigation and thought (I gave birth completely natural - I do NOT believe in taking drugs unless necessary), but I do believe a quality of life issue remains. Let's hope that a drug exists one day for those that want it, and those that don't want can continue on with the diet. Also, I really don't think the gluten-free industry will disappear - there are still many people that need it (allergies, intolerances, autism, people with other autoimmune disorders such as MS, etc.). The demand may diminish, but it won't go extinct.
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#715294 Starbucks Can Kiss My ....

Posted by on 09 July 2011 - 05:31 AM

I am a Starbucks addict and drink Starbucks all over the country (I travel a great deal). They have gluten free granola bars and sometimes other snacks. I don't do the blended drinks - always get lattes - but I have never had a problem.
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