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Member Since 10 Jul 2011
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Restaurants Charging Extra

06 July 2012 - 07:19 AM

I'm trying to eat out less, but when I do go out to eat I go to places that cater to gluten free people. Many restaurants now are charging extra for gluten free. These charges fall into 3 categories 1) charging for gluten free bread or pasta...some sort of special item 2) the cost of preparing the gluten free food separately and finally 3) the price of a substitution.

I have celiacs and gluten free is not a choice. I was wondering if this was against the Americans with Disabilities Act. I'm usually so excited to eat out that I don't mind paying. Other times, I think I should remind them of the price of a loaf of gluten free bread. I've actually argued before on the charge for substitution because this is often to get vegetables instead of fries which we CAN'T eat.

Does anyone know if this falls under the ADA?

1 Year Post-Diagnosis/ Lab Results :-(

05 July 2012 - 07:57 AM

I was diagnosed last year with celiac disease.

These are my results from one year ago:

Test Results:
IgG DGP IgG 143.0 EU/ml
IgA DGP IgA 65
IgA ELISA TTG IgA >128.0 U/ml
EMA IgA positve
total IgA 83 mg/dl

I just got results from Monday:

EMA IgA positive
tTG IgA 9 which is a weak positive
IgA serum 72

I feel like I've done so much to change my eating habits in the past year and this is so frustrating. I just found out so I'm feeling pretty helpless.
I cook most of my own foods, but I live in NYC so I also eat out a few times per week. I only eat at "gluten-free" places or I just have salads. I'm thinking that "gluten-free" isn't really gluten free enough for me and that I need to be more insistent about keeping my food safe.

I contacted the dietician today whom I met with soon after my diagnosis to see if she has any ideas. Of course I also contacted my GI Dr. to follow up. My plan is to cut out everything and try to schedule another blood test in 3 months.

I'm sure there are others who've had a similar experience and I was hoping for advice on dealing with all of it.

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