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Member Since 19 Jul 2011
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Topics I've Started

Is This What Being Glutened Feels Like?

02 August 2011 - 05:38 PM

I have been feeling awesome eating right and making sure I read every label but the past two days I have felt horrible I am so exhausted and my stomach has been hurting really bad. Is this what it feels like when you have been glutened???

Chicken And Cabbage

28 July 2011 - 07:37 PM

I am new to the Gluten Free world but my neighbor made this for me and it was sooooo good and I was instantly full!!!

Items needed:
1 head of cabbage
Olive Oil
Worcheshire (optional)

Take a head of cabbage and depending on how many people you are cooking for cut 1/4, 1/2, or the whole head into 1/4 inch thick strips and set aside.

Whether you choose to take the quick method and purchase a rotisseri chicken or if you want to cook your own chicken either way will work great. Shread the chicken and put aside in a bowl.

In a large saucepan put 2 pats of butter, a turn of the pan of evoo, and garlic (I usually put a tablespoon worth but depending on how much you like garlic you can play with this part)

Let the butter melt down and the garlic start to brown, then add the shredded cabbage make sure you turn it a few times to make sure it is coated with the oil/butter/garlic mixture. Salt and Pepper as you would like. I usually cook it on medium high and let it wilt down turning it every few minutes. When the cabbage has completely wilted down add the cooked chicken in and simmer for just a few more minutes.

*At this point you can add the worchesire if you want a little extra kick I usually add 1/4 tbsp per 1/4 head of cabbage!!!

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did, I serve it without anything else because it is so filling!!!!

Just When I Think I May Have This Figured Out...

28 July 2011 - 06:00 PM

I was supposed to hear back from my doctor by Friday of last week, after not hearing anything I called yesterday and left a message expressing that I was growing increasingly worried, he called me at 8 that night (this is not a good sign seeing as everytime my doctor has called after hours or on a holiday it has been bad news) he proceeded to tell me that I did in fact have Celiac like he suspected and that it is actually the worse Celiac panel that he has ever seen. He told me that I can not slip at all, no cheating and no chances that this could get bad. He stressed how important follow up appointments are. I am currently taking Dapsone to cure the little bumps that I got from this wonderful experience. The dermatologist made sure that I understood that I shouldnt take more of this medicine than needed because not only can the Celiac cause anemia but that this medicine on top of it can make my blood the consistency of water. This caused a panic attack seeing as if I scratch the bumps they bleed and already were taking up to 5 minutes to stop.

I have been gluten free since the 12th, not a long time by some standards, but I have struggled my way through. Pretty much if it isn't a fresh fruit or veggie, it isn't meat that I bought raw and cooked, or a dairy product that I have had in the past and haven't had a problem with I am not touching it. My mom was insistant that the "Mayo website said" that I could have whole grain bread or pasta my doctor confirmed that I would be hard pressed to find a whole grain bread or pasta that wasn't cross contaminated with some type of oat so I am going to continue to stay away from it. What I am wondering is what recipes have been successful for you guys?? This is driving me crazy because one of my passions in life is cooking and when I'm stressed I would bake now it is so hard because in a 4 person household I am finding that not until after my dad makes dinner for my mom my son and himself I then have to go in a make dinner for me.

I know that with this come depression but the past few days have been the hardest. I find myself sitting on the couch staring at the wall crying. The medicine makes me so tired so I can't just get up and go out and try to keep my mind off it. How do you cope?

Newly Diagnosed And Depressed About It All

20 July 2011 - 02:43 PM

For the last several years I have delt with stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, and increased fatigue. I spent most of the time being told I was "fine", "stressed", or "trying to do to much without rest" by doctors. Recently I received a call on a Saturday from my doctor who re-evaluated my upper endoscopy and colonoscopy (spelling) results. When he did he noticed that part of my small intestine had errosions in it and that I was displaying all symptoms of Celiac Disease. He told me that he felt confident enough to say that he was 99% sure that I did have celiac disease but that a blood test would need to be done in order to 100% diagnose the celiac disease.

Immediately I looked up Celiac and found that I had all the symptoms minus seizures that were associate with celiac disease, including a itchy rash composed of small bumps all over my arms, legs, back, and stomach. My doctor initially thought that these were grass mite bites prescribed a steroid and prescription strength benedryl and sent me on my way. I have become overwelmed with what I can eat/can't eat, why am I so fatigued, pain in my stomach, the pain of the bumps, and the depression of what did I do to cause this. I have always considered myself a semi healthy eater. Other than brussell sprouts there is not a vegetable I don't eat, likewise with fruit. I prefered a salad over a cheeseburger and while I could probably exercise a little more I was never unactive by any means.

I guess what I am wanting to know is does this get easier? Will there be a time when I go to the grocery store and I am not constantly looking up every food on my phone and crying because it seems like nothing I used to buy is gluten free. I have eaten quite a bit of cottage cheese and fruit because I know that those items are safe. It just seems so overwhelming and I don't know what to do. Any help or words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated!

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