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Member Since 26 Jul 2011
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Finally, Got Myself Tested Today...

08 October 2011 - 03:09 PM

Back this past February, I had two pints of draught Blue Moon beer (wheat beer), and the next day spent over an hour in the bathroom. My first thought was that the beer was bad as I never has this problem before. Two weeks later I had the same bowel urgency (loose but formed stool) and spent another hour in the bathroom. Long story short as this repeated every two or three weeks, I decided to go gluten free in May. This decision was based on having Hashimotos, osteopenia, low D, and elevated homocysteine. I felt better immediately for the next three months and had the bonus of losing 8 pounds. The last month or so, I'm having the bathroom episodes all over again. Still gluten free, and strict about it. I haven't cheated once.

I went to the GI doctor last week and he has ordered blood work for Celiac and IBS. He didn't think it was IBS but is checking anyway. Also, stool samples for bacteria since I had recurring UTI's over last fall and winter...around 4-5 of them using Cipro each time. I went to the lab today and hopefully will have results by late next week. I LOVE this doctor. He is open minded, thorough, and current with gluten intolerant issues. I just hope that at least of these tests shows something.

Thanks for "listening".

Found Discounted Bob's Red Mill....

29 September 2011 - 03:30 PM

at Big Lots! I was just in the store to browse around and found a large display of Bob's Red Mill products, both gluten free and regular at very discounted prices. Perhaps they are in a Big Lots near you...sounds like an ad, doesn't it? :)

Time To Get Creative...

16 August 2011 - 05:09 PM

Once again I found myself at the Hispanic market (I bounce between Asian, Indian, and Hispanic). I've been craving a sandwich of some kind, and commercial gluten free bread found in the freezer section of the supermarket just won't do it any longer. Okay, I've had bagels and white bread for 56 years, time to explore new territory. I've been making fresh corn tortillas and they are really good. Not at all like the mass produced leathery ones. Now I found out about arepas, a Venezuelan and Columbian staple made with masarepa corn flour (not masa harina!). I will get my dietary fiber and a bit of protein, according to the package. They are thicker, started on the griddle and finished in the oven. They look easy, and can be cut open and stuffed with all sorts of things such as eggs, meat, cheese, beans, a veggie stew, etc. Last night I made carnitas, a Mexican shredded pork dish served with corn tortillas which would be great in an arepa. I'll let you know how they turn out!

The point of my post is this: The first month I dwelled on what I couldn't eat and was actually hungry. Now, I am taking this gluten free thing to new levels and being my old creative self again with the bonus of feeding my family even better than before. After finding that vegetable shredding gadget, my husband prefers zucchini linguini over pasta! Again, take your kitchen to the next step and let's stop feeling sorry for ourselves. I still have my moments, but hey.....

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