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Where Do I Begin?

26 July 2011 - 09:19 PM

I am looking for some advice for my 9-year-old daughter. We've already been through quite a bit with her but are still grasping at straws to find answers for her symptoms. I will try to make her story short! ha, ha

My dd was a VERY colicky baby and at 6 months of age had a violent GI reaction to rice cereal. ER said it was a virus but I knew it wasn't. Tried rice cereal again at 8 months of age with the exact same reaction. ER called it a virus again but now I was certain she had a food reaction. Never fed rice cereal again!!! Starting at about 1 1/2 years of age she started complaining of frequent tummy aches. Seemed to get diarrhea more than her sisters, but overall not an unhealthy child, just lots of complaints of her tummy hurting. Doctor always said she just had a sensitive stomach and that we shouldn't worry. By age 3 she started with frequent strep throat, still lots of tummy aches and weird behavioral things (very moody, volatile personality...very up or down). At age 5 she got really nasty croup and then ended up with a cough that went on for months so she was placed on an inhaler presumably for allergic asthma. Finally at age 7 a friend of mine pointed out that she may have food allergies or celiac disease. I pursued this with our pediatrician who ordered a blood test for celiac disease along with a CBC and BMP which all came back normal. At that point we did an elimination diet at his suggestion and took her off of all dairy products. Her symptoms finally improved for the first time!!! chronic cough went away, tummy better, appetite improved, behavioral problems went away completely. Aside from periodic relapses of tummy aches she did great for about a year. Then she started having more and more frequent tummy aches until now they are almost as frequent as they were before we took her off dairy. Oh, forgot that 3 months ago she had her tonsils removed because of chronic strep throat. Whew. My poor dd. She has been through a lot and now I am so frustrated because I feel like we took 10 steps backwards because she is sick again. I'm wondering if she could actually have celiac disease on top of the dairy allergy even though her blood test was negative. I am hearing the blood test is not that accurate so we should still consider gluten as a problem for her potentially. My question is...where do we go from here? Take gluten out of her diet and see if she gets better? Pursue the genetic blood test? I don't want to submit her to endoscopy and biopsy. Hoping someone here will have some insight for me. I'm going nuts! Thanks :)

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