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Member Since 31 Jul 2011
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In Topic: Noisey Stomach

31 July 2011 - 03:10 PM

I thought it could be digestion too but it started in August 02 when I believe I was in a celiac disease crisis. I thought after going gluten-free the noise would have gone away but it hasn't. I have been gluten-free since Sept 03.

Yes mine is in my intestines, not my stomach and it's pretty loud!

I was my own walking slap stick comedy for five year olds--really lound, very gasey (but not gas) sounds. Very embarrassing. I"m just now getting diagnosed with Celiac, but in 2007 I cut out dairy and those sounds that plagued me since I was a kid, have almost disappeared. I only get them when I let myself have ice cream.

In Topic: Chest & Neck Pain After Going Gluten/soy Free

31 July 2011 - 02:56 PM

I was diagnosed with Celiac disease in March. I went gluten free for a month before I realized that soy was also causing a problem. After cutting out the soy as well and a few slip ups I started to feel better by May. My exhaustion and burning headaches went away and my heartburn decreased. By June my heartburn had gotten worse again. I had an endoscopy mid-June and according to the GI specialist everything looked fine and my intestinal lining seemed as healed as it would get. Nonetheless my heartburn which consists of neck stiffness and chest pain that makes it difficult to breath has gotten worse. No over the counter heartburn medications work nor does Nexium or Sucralfate. The pain is position dependent. Sitting up, standing up, and sleeping straight seem to reduce the pain. Even more bizarre is that drinking alcohol will completely get rid of the pain for 1-2 days afterwards. The more I drink the longer the effect. Has anyone else had similar problems? Neither my GI specialist nor my primary have any ideas and I don't think drinking is the best long term solution. I am extremely frustrated with the situation.


This sounds serious, and also sounds non-celiac related. You could have a viral infection, or a condition where the protective sac around your heart has excess, non-drained fluid in it, causing pressure. I had similar symptoms when I was in the Army, and no one would believe me. I landed in the hospital with "pericarditis." My paricardium around my heart was full of fluid that had never drained from me getting a terrible upper respiratory infection while in basic training. It's a super serious condition, so go and figure out what's wrong with you. The alcohol may make you feel better because alcohol is a diuretic (gets rid of excess bodily fluids) and a pain killer.

Right now I'm suffering from a zillion health issues, and am waiting for my celiac blood test results. It will explain so many things--including a compromised immune system that renders me vulnerable to odd illnesses--including pericarditis a decade ago. Go and get to the bottom of this. I hope that it's just indigestion.

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