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Member Since 02 Aug 2011
Offline Last Active Jun 01 2012 12:28 PM

Topics I've Started

Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe Help

20 March 2012 - 01:02 PM

So far my attempts at baking gluten free cookies have not been huge sucesses. My last batch was was edible, but very dry and a previous attempt was a crumbly inedible mess. It doesn't help that I am VERY particular about my cookies I like chewy moist cookies. which makes it a little more difficult. Can anybody give me a recipe for chocolate chip cookies that taste like the recipe from the tollhouse chocolate chip bag?

Cream Of Wheat Replacement

02 March 2012 - 04:59 AM

I really want a to have a hot breakfast cereal but since I can't have cream of wheat any more I need to find a replacement. Has any one used cream of rice to replace cream of wheat? I'm looking for something that has a similar texture as cream of wheat. I never liked oatmeal because of the texture.

Finding Affordable Glasses

23 February 2012 - 10:50 AM

As my body quickly begins to fall apart at 24, I found out this morning that I need to get new glasses. Actually two pairs of glasses because I need reading glasses for over my contacts. I went to one of those glasses chain stores and found that, I really should get progressive lenses which cost over 300$ there on their own, plus the frames was going to cost nearly 700$. Just for one pair and I need two. So, I left the store and had a little meltdown on my way home from the store. I can't afford over 1 grand for new glasses. And my reading perscription is different in each eye so I can't just buy drugstore glasses.

Has anyone ever bought glasses online? I've bought contacts online without any problems.

I plan on checking out walmart and target for their pricing next. But, I don't know where the closest ones are with vision centers.

Glutenfreely Living Social

22 February 2012 - 01:19 PM

I don't know if this is allowed, but seeing how expensive and hard to find gluten free foods are I thought I'd share. Living Social currently has a promotion with the website glutenfreely. It can be found here http://www.livingsoc...n-free-products

I'm sorry if this is not allowed. Please remove it.

Getting Tests Done

20 January 2012 - 07:39 PM

Here's my story. Last year I was dx'd with a b 12 deficiency and with the GI symptoms that I was having ended up having celiac blood tests done and an endoscopy. Unforunately my GI only took 2 biopsies in my small intestine, the rest were in my stomach and esophagus. All of those tests were negative. My GI told me celiac was impossible because my tests were negative with no family history. However, by then I had noticed that my GI problems were connected with gluten. My allergist at the time tested me for IgE allergies for wheat, barley, and rye. I came back with a weak positive for barley. He told me that if avoiding gluten bothered me to do so. Well I moved and my new allergist thinks that my asthma isn't asthma but a complication from the acid reflux I've never experienced. In two weeks I go back to see him where he wants to put me of a trial of prilosec to see if it helps. However, if I am going to have to add another permenant medication to my list, I want a firm reason to do so. My endoscopy did not show reflux a small patch of minor gastritis in my stomach but that was it. What I want is to be tested again. For both celiac and allergies spesifically IgG allergies. So, I guess my question is do doctors actually exist. I have heard both positive and negative things about that type of test. That some people do react to things but, it tends to have lots of false positives.

I guess I just want to know what tests to ask for.

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