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Member Since 26 Apr 2005
Offline Last Active May 08 2005 12:21 PM

Topics I've Started

Marks In The Eyes - Anyone Else Get This

06 May 2005 - 05:47 AM

Hello everyone!!

I am wondering if any one else has noticed a symptom which I believe is due to my celiacs/gluten allergy. I have small bruising/ marks just in the inside of my lower eye lids (where you would put eye liner) and they have been there for months - although they dont cause me any bother I know that they eyes are always a sign that there is some illness present. Also do any of you suffer with upper back pain -especially when breathing in????

Why Does It Hurt So Much?

02 May 2005 - 03:56 AM

Hello Im wondering if anyone can help me - Ive been Gluten free for only 3 days now - first 2 were amazing and to be honest I felt like a new person - no cramps pains or nothing - I was so happy that I had a house party!!!!!! Thing is today - 3rd day - I am in so much pain and feel like crap again - I definitely havnt had gluten but it feels worse than ever - is this normal and is it just my bodies way of getting used to the gluten free foods? Hope someone else has experienced this - Im gutted as I thought I was really going to be getting better!!!

Supplements We Can Have?

02 May 2005 - 01:46 AM

Hello - does anyone out there know if I can take supplement kelp (helps to maintain metabolism and thyroid and intake of iodine) it contains caking agents and some other things so Im not sure - hope someone can help as I feel kelp stabalises my weight!

Can I Eat These Things...

28 April 2005 - 02:27 AM

Hello there - I am new to the gluten-free diet and am wondering if I can eat these thingsas they dont state gluten-free but dont seem to have anything in that would harm? :

mackrel (tinned in tomatoe sauce)
Nesquick milkshake powder

yummy yummy hope someone can help!! thankyou...missla

Depressed And Not Sure

26 April 2005 - 06:16 AM

Hello there everyone and thank god for this site. I have recently had an endoscopy and blood tests for celiacs, the doctors say that the cells are a bit abnormal and they want to take more tests but I feel that I have all the symptoms of this thing! For many years I have been unwell and unstable emotionally because there is something going on inside me and I chose to blame it on not eating properly, at times I have thought I have had anorexia as I just dont want to eat when symptoms are at their worst.
I have to stay indoors, even away from my own son when things are too bad - i get an awful gas that makes me feel so dreadful and was sure i was the only person in the world to get it! until I found this site! I am only 27 and a fitness freak and I just feel so weak and feeble - I am sure its celiacs.
I am not gluten-free yet as the doctors have told me to stay normal till the results come through but I feel like im wasting away. Is it normal for a celiac to get ravenously hungry at times? even though you have eaten like normal? I do and cant explain it as I hate eating and would rather do something else. My brain goes mad and I get the shakes - I have constant brain fog and sometimes cant even talk to people as I feel so tired and drawn. Everyone around me says I look ill and I cant even tell them how I feel as they all think I dont eat enough as I am so slim!
I would just like to say thankyou to this site - I dont feel so alone and depressed now that others feel the same as me ....back soon...I have cramps from my dinner!"!!!! ps...is there anyone else out there in east anglia uk at all with this?

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