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In Topic: After Celiac Diagnoses - Were You Angry?

14 November 2013 - 02:31 PM

I was diagnosed with Celiac on October 1st, so I've been gluten-free for 44 days now. At my 6 week follow up with my Naturopath on Tuesday, I told her that:


A. I don't feel any different or better after 6 weeks off gluten.

B. I haven't lost any weight.

C. My depression seems to be getting worse, and mostly, I am majorly PISSED OFF.


People close to me have commented on my mood - I seem to be angrier than normal. I have suspected for several months that my anti-depressants aren't working well enough, and they need to be adjusted or changed (which started the journey that led me to find out I have Celiac).


I seem to be really pissed off at having Celiac. After eating gluten for my entire 43 years and loving/craving bread and carbs, I now can't have one of my favorite foods. I'm pissed that I have to scrutinize everything I eat and drink. I'm embarrassed at having to ask for the gluten-free menu at restaurants and asking the server about gluten-free options and food prep, because I've never been one to be so "high maintenance" when going out to eat. I'm pissed off at the wheat industry for modifying a natural grain so badly that now I can't have it. I'm pissed off at Big Business for being so greedy that they didn't care what happened to the people that ate this new wheat, as long as they got a fat wallet. I'm pissed off that I can't just order a pizza anymore. I'm pissed off that I have to spend double, sometimes triple the money for a gluten free version of something I used to eat.


And I'm pissed off because dammit, I'm HUNGRY!


The Naturopath mentioned I might want to cut out dairy as well, then said we could discuss that later when she saw my face. I think the combination of the death glare as well as being on the verge of a very loud teary outburst told her that cutting out dairy may be too much too soon. You take away my ice cream and someone is going to get hurt.


I don't like to cook. I like to EAT, but not cook. Cooking for one is a chore. I hate prep work, cutting up vegetables and it's just something I've never enjoyed. Plus, I have way too much by the time I'm done  chopping and dicing that after 2 days I don't want them anymore, so they go to waste. I'm asking for someone to infuse me with the love of cooking for Christmas, but I doubt that will happen.


Did anyone else feel this angry? Is this normal? I feel like I'm going to be stuck in this stage of Kubler-Ross for a long time. I feel like this is going to ruin my holidays with all the goodies I won't be able to eat. ANOTHER thing to piss me off!


If you felt this angry when you were diagnosed, how long did it last? How did you cope? How long am I going to glare at my friends for enjoing their beer that I can't have? Or that delicious looking calzone wrapped in gluten? I've been told "but you can have gluten-free beer and bread that's just as good." This leads me to believe that Celiac's taste buds die out after not having gluten, because they are NOT just as good, they're blah at best. I'm ready to beat the next person that tells me they're just as tasty because I'm convinced they're just pulling my leg to see how mad I'll get.


Any other anger-infused celiac's out there? Or recovering anger mongers? You'd think I'd lose a lot of weight just with the engery I'm using to be so MAD!

First let me acknowledge your frustrations and feelings….it is very understandable!!! But I can promise you it gets better.  Time (to heal) and knowledge (knowing the ins and outs of living with Celiac) are two parts to the puzzle, but the biggest is acceptance. By accepting that you have Celiac, one will not be putting energy and effort into the whys!, It’s not fair! …etc.   That energy is better utilized in finding things one enjoys.


Celiac does not define you, but rather is only a small part what makes you….well…you.  One of my favorite quotes went something like “Celiac does not define who I am, but only what I eat”. (I wish I remember who said it, because they deserve to be recognized as being awesome).


I was always the guy with the glass half full attitude.  However, I actual was excited to finally have some answers.  I bought in it ASAP and believe that this has been the biggest difference in how I handled it. Attitude makes a huge difference. You can’t change it, so why put the effort into trying. I have my ups and downs like most people, but now it mostly ups!


This is awesome group to work through every aspect of being a person with Celiac Sprue.  I strongly encourage you to utilize their knowledge and support.  Good Luck!


In Topic: Great Experience On Celebrity Cruises..

17 August 2013 - 04:32 AM

Hi Erik!  The ship we were on was the Celebrity Equinox - it stays mostly in Europe but it does some Caribbean tours too.  What did you mean when you said that you wished all meals were available, including lunch?  They didn't have lunch for you on your cruise???  I didn't have a problem with any meal and they always had gluten free bread and options available anywhere I went on the ship.  Sorry to hear that you may have had a problem!!  I too brought a whole bunch of snacks and didnt end up needing most of them - I would just take a few in my bag for the all day excursions off of the ship.  Glad to hear you had good experiences on other cruise lines!!

It wasnt a bad experience, just wishing that since i can always pre-order my breakfest and dinner in the main dinning room they would also do it for lunch (these are made in a designated area of the galley to mitigate cc risk) On some ships only the buffet is open for lunch and since I'm not comfortable with eating at the buffet I just skip lunch and eat a protien bar. I'll be on the Celebrity Reflection this coming winter and expect to have an awesome time. This will be cruise #5 since dx and the cruise lines are getting better and better regarding accomidating a celiac diet/safety each time. Cheers!

In Topic: Dunkin Donuts In The Office Today :(

16 August 2013 - 12:59 PM

This is a great community and they will support you when you feel weak or down, provide you with great information and it is also comforting know you are not alone in your gluten-free journey.


It is very natural for one to want something they no longer can have (especially a a tasy donut). Every Monday my team has donuts. I enjoy a coffee or water and a gluten-free protien bar or yogurt.  I find it easy for me as I have bought into staying healthy after years of being sick. It is more of attitude or belief change. It's not what I can't have, but focusing on what I can have. Although you can eat a gluten-free donut, you may just find that making healther choices of snacks aides in your recovery (think banana, apples, yogurt...etc).  Cheers!

In Topic: Great Experience On Celebrity Cruises..

13 August 2013 - 01:46 PM

Hello Laura,


I'm glad you had a positive experience. May I ask what ship you were you on? The staff and knowledge make all the difference in how comfortable one is on a cruise.


My wife loves cruises (and now so do I).  I  feel I can travel again knowing I'll have safe (and even hot) food. My first cruise I brought a full suitcase of food, now it is mostly just snacks.  I've had mostly positive experiences on all the cruise lines I've been on (Celebrity, RC, Princess and NCL).  I believe Celebrity was one of the first cruises after my DX.  I had a headwaiter/ Asst Maitre'd (I think his name was Marcel) he was pretty amazing. I was even able to take a galley tour to see where my (and others with special diets) were made (made me feel more comfortible). I just wish all meals were available including lunch. I still can't get past the Buffet hang-up, but good on you ( I hope I get there one of these days)!!!  I'm taking another cruise most likely on Celebrity this coming winter.



Thanks again for sharing!



In Topic: Traveling For Business To Seattle/bellevue (Suggestions)--Newly Diagnosed

07 May 2013 - 01:40 PM

Hi everyone!


I just joined.  I'm in the process of being diagnosed and after my last test I will be on the gluten-free diet/lifestyle. 


My question or my appeal for advice is that I will be traveling for business not even a month into my new lifestyle change and I'm afraid that going away on business will make what is already a hard task (finding things to eat that are safe/allowed) will be even harder.


Does anyone have any suggestions for flying/traveling gluten free?  I figured I can bring some snacks for the plane they are offering food service.  I also notified the hosts of the conference and they are aware of my special dietary needs for the few meals they will be providing. 


What do people suggest?  I just read that carrying a card with what I'm "allergic" to is helpful (different forum).  I feel like when I ask people about food prep and other things they look at me like I've grown two heads even if they are like ... ah, yeah gluten free. 


Thanks in advance!

No need to worry if you are prepared, it takes some planning and knowledge (comes with time and experience) as it will not be as easy as before going gluten free. It also depends on your comfort level of eating out. When I travel I carry safe gluten free food with me on my carry on (Laura bars, almonds...etc and twice as much as I'll need just in case there is a delay). I will book hotels that I will have access to a microwave and fridge (either a room with a kitchenette or a hotel that will deliver a small fridge and microwave to the room). I look for a wholefoods (usually book a hotel near one) and swing by a get food for my stay.  Note: you can find gluten-free food at almost all stores now (not a huge variety,but it is getting better)...I just prefer wholefoods.


Another very helpful thing to do is contact the local GIG/Celiac support group prior to going, so you are armed with information from people that know the gluten free diet and the local area. Most if not all are more than willing to help a fellow Celiac/GInC. Awesome folks.


Contact me if you ever travel to the Twin Cities and I'll give you a list places to eat and where to get gluten-free food.


Cheers and goodluck!