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Member Since 15 Aug 2011
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In Topic: Anyone Else Always Hungry?

27 September 2011 - 03:28 PM

I am always hungry I eat all day long and I still loose weight I just weighed myself and I went from 109 to 108 but this is over the 6 weeks of being Gluten free. I feel like I'm starving most the time.

In Topic: After Being Glutened Do You Ever Pass This?

26 September 2011 - 05:05 PM

With celiac, one of the hallmark symptoms is oily stools or oily diarrhea. I looks like oil drops floating in the toilet. It comes out after going to the bathroom or sometimes it will feel like you have to go and just pass gas with the mucus/oily stuff.

I have this however its not as bad as it was when I was consuming Gluten dairy super bad also All my slimy mucus out the but is almost stopped completely. I am still noticing a oily layer at the top of the water I also have some floating stool some not mostly when I consume food with a high fat content like hamburger cream cheese use to do this to me also but I haven't eaten that in a long time. I posted about this in another thread I had started but deleted it, it fits better here.

In Topic: Got Some Of My Bloodwork Back Friday Severe Anemia

26 September 2011 - 03:56 PM

Please double-check that you'r taking the Floradix that is gluten free. There are two versions of this iron supplement, and one of them has wheat grass in it.

It doesn't say wheat grass it says Gluten free.

Also the Dr called me this morning and left a msg on my cell telling me that based on my anemia I should follow up with a hematologist. I tried to call her back but was left on hold for probably a good 20 minutes so I hung up and called back and told them I would be in tomorrow to get copies of all my labs and path report. I'll post things I don't understand maybe someone can help me figure it out looking at B-12 levels and all the iron.

In Topic: Got Some Of My Bloodwork Back Friday Severe Anemia

26 September 2011 - 04:59 AM

You are off gluten and dairy and still having D? Could you possibly be reacting to soy products, given your dairy and gluten free diet are tight? Keep this in mind about going back on glutens for testing. If you can do it, great! Having that diagnosis does help docs so they know what direction to turn with symptoms and the focus can be there rather than spending months doing tons of tests trying to eliminate other possibilities. However, this is the bad thing about testing, it is not reliable. You could very well be celiac, test comes back negative, a year later you retest and the test may be positive.

Docs wanted to put me back on gluten to test me after being off, I tried it and made it to day 12, I got so sick. I honestly felt it was killing me. I do not suggest it if it makes you sick to go back on as if there is damage already and you go back on it will be that much longer before you heal and get better. You have to do what is best for you and what you feel you are capable of.

Are you having stomach issues (GERD), burning stomach/acid relux?

I take Gentle Iron w/vit C, folic acid & B12 combo along with a multi vit w/iron.

I'm thinking just for my own sanity if I continue to get well I will not be stuffing wheat or Gluten down my throat just to get a Diagnoses. I may send for the genetics test I'm worried about my youngest he is type 1 Diabetes when we go to his Endo in October I m requesting to have him tested. My Oldest daughter is already being tested she has most of the symptoms already.
I was not having D nowhere near as bad as I was, I was going to the bathroom 10 plus times a day and night I was severely gassy, bloated major indigestion But I have 47 yrs of Wheat and Gluten in my Body. I have been off for 6 weeks.
Indigestion was the first thing to go with the gas and the bloating then the nigh time bathroom runs stopped to about 1 time a night. I was sleeping almost all night until I started taking the Vitamins I went to the bathroom a lot yesterday. I did continued to eat Dairy until I read about that. Then I cut that back but still had some digestive issues I noticed when I ate dairy It was like eating wheat Gas Bloating it was awful. So Just a few days ago I got completely off that. Now I'm noticing these Vitamins I'm taking are giving me D. Vitamin C always gives me D Floradix gives me D also I'm guessing because I'm super sensitive right now. I'm taking a store brand of Ferrous Sulfate because Slo-Fe has Lactose in it. I am trying really hard not to get cross contaminated But I live with Gluten eaters and my coworkers are pigs in the office I work in. It's a Process for sure.

In Topic: Got Some Of My Bloodwork Back Friday Severe Anemia

25 September 2011 - 02:16 PM

You are on the gluten-free diet, right? Or are you trying to get tested for celiac? Idiopathic anemia is one of the hallmarks of celiac disease.

Yes I am 6 weeks Gluten free I'm not sure my stomach could handle Gluten or dairy right now. I know I have to eat it again to get the right diagnosis. Not sure I am willing to do this. I am taking 1 ferrous Sulfate with 1000mgs of Vitamin C in the afternoon I had 1 tablespoon of Black strap molasses evening I just took 30ml of Floradix Ferrous Glutenate <<Spelling For dinners I have fixed my baked potato fried one piece of liver in a cast iron skillet with caramelized onion coated with Black strap molasses used Olive oil instead of vegetable. my daily rutine with be Ferrous sulfate and Vitamin C in morning before work tablespoon of mollasses in afternoon 30ml of Floradix in evening.
If this doesn't get my iron up I'm lost but I have had success in the past with getting my levels up but of course I was eating the wrong foods and then stopped taking the iron and that is why I am here now with this iron issue.

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