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Member Since 15 Aug 2011
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Got Some Of My Bloodwork Back Friday Severe Anemia

24 September 2011 - 06:27 PM

Ok As in my signature I have been fighting Anemia for a long long time this is nothing new to me. A different Dr called with my Lab results because the one I saw was not in. He basically scared the crap out of me. My iron level is at 6.8 he is asking me if I feel dizzy, rapid heart beat etc I tell him No I feel fine. Ugg He then proceeds to tell me sometimes with severe Anemia it is caused by Bleeding from somewhere inside or a tumor. I asked him would I have this tumor more then 15 years because I have been Anemic for that long probably longer that's just when I was first diagnosed.Really!! if he would have read my charts he would have seen that I already knew I was anemic I also told them I had been Diagnosed with IBS years ago and that I have had constant Diarrhea for 20+ yrs. Does this not throw any red flags up for them. He really made me mad he kept talking over me I even told him I was at work and it didn't seem to matter he just keeps going on about how low my iron is and I may need and IV of iron. He was not listening to me at all.The most bizarre thing is I do not feel tired I actually feel pretty good.I have been taking Floadix for a few weeks now. I think he said my liver was a little elevated whatever that means. Kidneys good, Thyroid negative still waiting on lipid panel and B-12.

Today I started taking an extra evening does of Iron and during the day I am also taking a table spoon of Black strap molasses with Vitamin C

Anemia Takeing 3X The Amonut Of Floradix

22 September 2011 - 04:08 PM

I just realized this evening I have been taking 3x the amount of the daily dose of Floradix Iron + B Vitamins. It calls for 10ml Ive been taking 30 ml. I guess I needed it because it hasn't made me sick. I knew I was feeling better with more energy. I had Labs done this morning can't wait to see what my Iron level is. Has anyone every doubles up or tippled up on iron and b vitamins . If so how long did it take to get your iron levels under control? Please note that I did not do this on purpose This is only by accident, good thing I needed it otherwise not so good.

Skin Biopsy Results Today

21 September 2011 - 04:23 PM

I was diagnosed with prurigo nodularis. She did tell me to continue to stay off of Gluten and wheat and any other associated grains since I had already been off for 6 weeks and was feeling better. I go for bloodwork in the morning to check my B12 and iron levels and thyroid. I wanted to post this since I do not believe I have read it anywhere here but I found it on Wiki-pedea and thought maybe others that could not identify their rash as blistery understood it does not have to be in order to be related to Celiacs
"Prurigo nodularis. Prurigo nodularis has been identified with coeliac diease."
Found that line quit interesting. She did say she felt as though I may be Gluten intolerant since this rash is common with this intolerance but that was before I found that line.

Im taking Hydroxyzine and a Corticosteroid cream for itch. I will post with future findings

Went To Derm Today And Got Biopsy

12 September 2011 - 03:04 PM

I don't think her and I were on the same page. I really am not sure she was even listening to me. looked me over everywhere and I mean everywhere. then she ran her hands up and down my arms not sure what the heck she was doing then she said we need to do a biopsy. OK I'm thinking this is great I didn't have to suggest it. So she asked me where the newest place is I told her the newest is on my leg she said no that tissue is to thick, OK no problem. Then she said let me see your back OK no problem but I told her those have been there for about 3 or 4 weeks they are pretty dried up so she biopsy's that area anyway and I cannot tell if she did it on a sore or just next to one. I do think she did it on a sore I saw what she put in the little jar it looked like a an old piece of dried skin. She did ask how long I had been anemic I told her I had been for 15 yrs that I know of. So I asked her what the biopsy is checking for she said everything. Then she said she needed to rule out some sort picking thing, I have no idea what this lady is talking about.
What is the sore picking thing? I think it started with a Ph or something. I'll call in the morning and ask I have to give them a pharmacy to send my script out she is giving something for itch. Now the spot where they Biopsy's its itching like the devil.
Pathology results back in 10 days

Wanted To Share A Photo Of What's Left On My Upper Back And Scars

10 September 2011 - 09:33 AM

Thought this might help someone else compare what they have its so hard to try and figure out what rash you have. This is whats left of mine on my upper back and scars from a years worth a bad rash.
My skin is ruined basically, this is the most painful and itchy rash I have ever had in my life yuk!
Do I need to be eating Gluten to get my skin Biopsy on Monday? I do still have some breakouts.Sorry about the size ill try to edit
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