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In Topic: My Turn For Possible Dh

27 August 2015 - 04:51 AM

Thanks, that's why I'm thinking dh because it did clear with doxy and when I read that tetra is sometimes used I knew that doxy was related to that drug family. 


Ok, as to your questions...


No, kissing gluten eaters. My hubby knows not to kiss me as I've gotten sick before from that.


No, gluten from kids. No gluten allowed in house, and when we are out and about they are not allowed to eat gluten in the car and must wash hands and face right after eating anything with gluten.


All pet food is gluten free. I even check the treats. Some people think I'm ridiculous that I feed my pets gluten-free, but who cares what they think.


I check all meds, vitamins on glutenfreemedicine.com  That is the site to use, yes? 


Yes, I do eat certified gluten free oats. It took about 2 years before I could eat them and not get a stomach ache. GI said that was due to the time needed to heal my intestines. Same with dairy. Still can't do a lot of dairy and straight milk is a big no. 


So, it might be the oats? Shoot. I like oatmeal. 

In Topic: Master List Of Exclusively Gluten-Free Restaurants?

28 September 2014 - 12:36 PM

There is one in Ashville NC. Posana Cafe


I've eaten there and it was so darn good. Really good. The owner's wife has celiac so all the food is gluten-free. 




I have been using an app for iphone and android called "Find Me Gluten Free" for finding restaurants that are Celiac friendly, and its amazing!! I can even use it in Canada!! I cannot however find an app that I can use at the grocery store for scanning items to check whether or not they contain gluten. (There is one called "shopwell" but its not available in Canada unless I change my iphone settings to US, which I don't want to do, and even then, our products can be MUCH different than those in the US). If you know of one.....please let me know!!! Thanks everyone!!! Hope you are all happy and healthy!!!

Wow! Thanks for this. I had no idea these apps existed. 

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