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Confused About Tests?

26 August 2011 - 05:12 PM

OK let's see... I was diagnosed with Grave's Disease, an autoimmune thyroid disease that causes the thyroid to be overactive about 16 years ago. I had my thyroid removed several years later and now take synthroid. About 7 months ago I started to have severe stomach cramps and constant D several times a day even on imodium. Went through every type of stomach/intestinal testing... colonoscopy - negative for crohns, lower bowl series - no adhesions, 2 cat scans - both normal. Then after the first catscan ended up in the hospital with white blood cells through the roof, high fever, severe stomach pains, white blood cells in urine. While in the hospital a rash appeared on the small of my back and down my buttocks... EXTREMELY itchy and HUGE! The first doctor who looked at the rash called it fungal, when I was released I saw my dermatologist and she called it hives.... So I was treated with antibiotics and fever broke, rash eventually went away. 2 weeks later everything was back including the rash. From that point on I was still sick and nothing really gave me relief. At that point they felt it was bacterial overgrowth because I had a slight improvement with antibiotics. Did 4 courses of antibiotics for 2 weeks each and no improvements. Finally one of the blood works showed my IGA at a 6 and things started to fall into place. Because it was considered boarderline the dr sent me for an endoscopy. That came back negative as well. So he sent blood for genetic testing... negative as well. So here is where we are, my doctor is fairly certain it is just an intollerance because I do not have the genetic markers, but my sensitivity is extremely severe, any cross contamination and I am sick for 2 days. I used an old spoon and bam... 10 minutes later was in the bathroom with cramps and D. We have also determined the rash in the hospital was most likely not hives but the gluten rash... and since I already have an auto-immune disease he's not 100% sure it's not Celiac, but the diet has made a huge change. I also had gastric bypass 6 years ago, so there are parts of my bowel that the dr's are unable to biopsy but could be affected. Has anyone else had so many signs of Celiac, but all tests say the opposite?

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