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In Topic: Candida The Cause?

07 June 2013 - 08:20 AM

Garlic can be good.  I was eating and taking it in supplement form as well as eating copious amounts of plain yogurt to combat candida prior to getting a diagnosis from an MD.  However, I ended up developing or already had allergies to garlic and milk proteins which have never gone away.  Die-off, although uncomfortable (or painful) is tough to work through.  The good news is that I did recover completely.  Good luck.  

I don't mind the die off symptoms so much if it means that the garlic supps are actually working. I can hang for a few days not feeling all that great if it means I'll feel much better in the future.

Good to hear you recovered well using the garlic. I don't eat a whole lot of fresh garlic, even though I don't seem to have much problems with FODMAPS (wheat/gluten aside). I figured the capsules would be more concentrated and anyway they don't leave any odor afterwards. :)

In Topic: Candida The Cause?

07 June 2013 - 06:38 AM

The Immune condition I have "Kimura's" disease is supposedly caused by a hyper sensitivity to candida, that's just a theory of some immunologist but it's not provable and officially the cause is unknown.


However during allergy testing the only notable reaction I had to anything was to candida and the test site got worse and worse and worse each day until it was a scar a week later.


I don't have any noticeable candida infection but I guess because of a highly leaky gut I've developed a huge immune reaction to trace amounts of candida. Now the real mystery is, did the immune reaction to the candida cause the celiac disease or did the celiac disease cause gut damage which caused the immune response to candida. In Kimura's disease apart from the inflammation and "tumourising" of the lymph glands, which is caused by the general inflammation of the body. There's usually kidney damage which is progressive until they fail. My theory about that is that the proteins/struture of candida is similar to kidney tissue but I can't prove this since I'm no scientist.


I know doctors wont usually pin any serious disease on candida but in my case everything points to it so they have no choice. I can triple the tumour in my neck on command with a week long course of metronidazole, which is something I've had to do to calm down sibo.... and it totally works against sibo but it just proves that as soon as the candida gets going, my immune system goes off it's nut. I can't take long term anti fungals because my kidneys wont take it, well not harsh ones anyway. I really should have some Natamycin and take it everyday but it's very illusive and hard to obtain.


My doctor actually said a while ago, they say candida isn't a problem and it's harmless but clearly if you have a damaged gut it can be a serious problem

Have you tried Kyolic garlic for the candida? I don't like the idea of long-term prescription anti-fungals either, but the garlic does seem to be helping. I am even going through a mild herxheimer reaction due to the die off symptoms of the yeast (bloating, borborygmus and last night out of nowhere a raging headache).

In Topic: Candida The Cause?

05 June 2013 - 11:42 AM

I suspect there may be a connection as well, and I am only diagnosed NCGI (not celiac disease). I am currently battling this myself (was taking enteric peppermint, which didn't seem to be enough and just switch to the garlic capsules). I was also diagnosed SIBO a few years ago and have been on about 4 rounds of antibiotics since, which helped with the SIBO, but also probably put me at risk for candida overgrowth.



I also had heart palpitations (going on 5 years or so with those and they got MUCH worse in the last year) and a naturopath advised me to start taurine supplements because apparently the yeast depletes this amino... and bingo! Heart palps are completely gone.


Good luck getting a conventional doc to recognize candida overgrowth though... my GI doc didn't take me seriously and he was one who DXed the SIBO. :(

In Topic: Best Tasting gluten-free Beer?

15 May 2013 - 08:27 AM

I "4th" Green's ... I also like New Planet Pale Ale, but that's the only of theirs I"ve tried. I didn't like Redbridge at all when I had it... just didn't taste enough like beer to me.

In Topic: Gluten Free Substitutes Made With Rice

23 April 2013 - 11:06 AM

Thanks. Doesn't really definitively answer anything, but makes me feel even more unsure about eating the rice-based products. :(

I guess we'll all die form smoething eventually, but I really don't want to eat something that I know could potentially be poisoning my body. Argh.

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