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#770827 List Of Celiac Friendly Colleges

Posted by on 04 February 2012 - 06:43 AM

I am a freshman in college so I recently was looking at schools. I would recomend finding the schools that you are interested in for their major, size, location, etc. before worring too much about them accomidating celiacs, especially if you have a dr dignosis. When you go on college visits make sure to try out their gluten free options and scout out how the cafeteria is set up, also look into what the menu is for the whole year to make sure they don't only make 3 dishes. Also a good place to start is with disability services because the sooner you get them on your side the better accomidations they can do for you. Keep an open mind about accomidations too, I attend Eastern Kentucky University, instead of having me live in a dorm they put me into an efficancy appartment and didn't require me to get a meal plan. When I was looking at universities I checked out concordia university wisconsin and found out they offered a gluten free option but it was a buffet style where students could move the spoons, I tried it and got sick. some that I found were pretty good with gluten-free accomidations (from college visits) are, michigan state, eku (where I go), and smith college (all girls school), I have also heard that Western Illinois university is pretty good with it but i don't know for sure.
I wish you luck
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#733219 The Good Over The Bad Of Celiac

Posted by on 23 September 2011 - 05:15 AM

it got me out of living on the 19th floor of a dorm, which i think is great. I have also learned how to cook and fend for myself, i just went off to college in a diff state so my mom isn't here to talk to the disabilities office or the restaurant... so i have learned that I can stick up for myself and people do listen (with the exception of a few). I have learned so much that from my almost 3 years of celiac disease its amazing, i wouldn't trade it for the world (atleast today :D )
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#728434 Halloween Help

Posted by on 07 September 2011 - 02:17 PM

Halloween was always my favorite
luckly for my parents i had just aged out of trick or treating when i got diagnosed with celiac disease so they didn't have to deal with it, but when i would go to a party and they would give out goodie bags i would put the safe stuff in my "safe" (let your kids build one or declare a shelf in the closet their safe "safe" and don't alow others to mess with the food on it, i had an entire cubbard, i was the only one in the family with celiac disease) and trade the rest of candy with my siblings (not celiac) for small toys like legos or cards
use halloween as a teaching opertunity allow your kids to sort their candy with a list then look over it your self and make sure it is all safe, then you can use the unsafe candy as bartering chips giving them a couple options like a nikel a piece or they can use all their candy to get a fish or something
i do not recomend giving unsafe candy to siblings unless all children fully understand what is safe and not because they will most likely retrade or get sticky fingers (i did this, your kids might not) and end up eating the bad stuff
also instead of giving out candy hand out non food items then when your kids get back just swap your kids bad stuff for the stuff in the bowl and hand out the unsafe candy
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#727313 Pity Party/ College Search

Posted by on 02 September 2011 - 05:31 AM

I went through the same path and after food service gave me a list of what they could provide me (a salad) for every meal I took that list and the emails between us and a note from my gastrointerologist to disabilities and the people in disabilities were really understanding and helped me through the rest of the process. I wish you luck and know where your coming from, my top school choice told me they could handle gluten free and because of that disabilities couldn't help me.
If he does end up cooking in a dorm some schools let you bring in a larger fridge for a small fee, I use a rice cooker and a slow cooker. I have a car on campus but if that isn't plausable than a lot of people will give rides to walmart or other stores.
I wish you luck and hope that his favorite school will understand and help out.
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#727035 Pity Party/ College Search

Posted by on 01 September 2011 - 08:50 AM

I just got through that very same problem as I just started college. I found that my favorite college could "do gluten free" but they put it on the same line as the rest of the food buffet style. I dicided to go through disabilities services and the college was forced to accomadate my needs. All I needed was a note from the doctor stating what was wrong (celiacs) and what they needed to do for me ( provide me with either a kitchenette or accomadations in the cafeteria). Through disabilities I was able to talk to others at the school who also have celiac and find out what they did and how the food service was accomodating them. I found that the food service was terible at accomadations so I opted for a kitchenett, so the school put me into an efficiency apartment on campus so I can cook all of my food my self, I am not to fond of this but it's better than worring about it all the time and it allowed me to go to my favorite school. If you go through disabilities they are required to accomidate your son. I would try that
hope this helps
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