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26 October 2012 - 02:05 PM

Anyone else dealing with emergency preparations for the possible 'Perfect Storm' headed to the Northeast?

They've just declared a state of emergency for VA...I'm wondering if it will end up being necessary. But I know if I don't do anything we'll probably get slammed and loose power for days...right?!?!

We've got water, nonperishables, dog food, candles, etc. and I'm charging any and every electronic device we might want or need for the next few days.

Gah! I was hoping for a quiet-ish weekend but it doesn't look like it will be happening.

The adventure begins...

Dr Fasano Won't Be Seeing Patients At Univ Of Md After December 31, 2012

09 October 2012 - 02:12 PM

So, just picked up the mail and there's a letter from Univ of MD saying that Dr. Fasano won't be seeing patients after December 31, 2012. The letter says he'll continue in a 'collaborative relationship' with Clinical and Research activities at the University but the letter refers adult patients (over 25) to the Adult Gastroenterology department...hmmmmm...guess it is good I got to see him when I did!

Dr. Sean Hurley (Digestive Disease Physicians)

09 October 2012 - 12:15 PM

So, I finally got to see Dr. Hurley -- it was a several week wait to get in to see him but he'd been recommended by my nutritionist (who I *love*) as a Celiac-savvy physician so I was willing to wait. I brought in copies of all my Celiac related tests which he reviewed BEFORE he came in to see me; I had to wait a bit but he actually apologized for being late as he had wanted to review my records before talking with me?!?! We had a brief discussion where he asked for some clarification as timeline, tests, etc. and then we were able to move forward to establish that I could add him to my "team" of doctors (he was more than happy to get on board) and to figure out next steps...he also recommends another scope to check healing progress since my blood tests are negative but I'm still having serious pain issues. He wasn't dismissive about any of my questions or concerns and honestly, I felt really comfortable with him and his level of Celiac knowledge. If you are in the Washington DC area and looking for someone you might give him a try.

Target Brand Cough And Cold Medicine

02 October 2012 - 01:31 PM

So, my DD brought home the first cold of the season which equaled sniffles for her and plague for me!

But it did mean that I could break into my just purchased stash of medicines and I've got to say the Target Adult Cough and Cold stuff has been a life-saver. Even better...it is labelled gluten-free and I've been taking it for several days with no problem. I had a conversation with the pharmacist at the time I purchased it and he said it was 'relatively new' labelling. I then had to go up and down the rows checking out various boxes to see what was labelled and what wasn't! *LOVING* that I can look for that gluten-free label and then peruse the ingredients.

Also found Vicks Nature Fusion on my "stock up for the winter cold season" foray. I haven't tried it yet but it says right on the front of the box it is gluten-free along with alcohol and dye free.

If You Need A Nutritionist In The Dc Area -- Cheryl Harris Is Awesome!

28 September 2012 - 08:31 AM

I've just got to rave a bit about the nutritionist I stumbled across while searching for one who would be close to where we would be living when we moved back to the States this summer. I was lucky enough to find Cheryl Harris, who I have now learned has an amazing reputation in the Washington DC area. I've got to say it is well-deserved if my experience is anything like a normal experience. When I went for my evaluation at the University of Maryland Center for Celiac Research, as soon as their nutritionist found out I had an appointment the next week to see Ms. Harris she basically said, "Cheryl is great. She'll be a huge help. I'll just give a brief overview and then you can contact me if you have further questions."

I've had two appointments and in both she offered concrete and 'do-able' recommendations in terms of how I could tweak my diet. She also told me after the second visit that she thought I had a good handle on approaching the diet...how nice to have someone finally tell me I'm doing something right! Keeping a detailed food diary helped us pinpoint that corn and legumes seem to be causing some problems and now that I've cut them out I've noticed my pain levels are starting to decrease! This after my doctors overseas totally dismissed my suggestion that further food intolerances could be an issue. Grrrr.

She's got two office locations -- one in Alexandria (Duke St) and one in Fairfax. If you do a search for Harris Whole Health you'll find her website.

If you have any specific qustions you can message me.

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