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Member Since 06 Sep 2011
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#811370 How Bad Is Cheating On The Gluten Free Diet Periodically

Posted by on 16 July 2012 - 09:11 AM

Actually, I'm not sure that is the " big question". I think the big question is why you are quibbling over the amount you can cheat with?

Yes!...Well said! :D I think MOST of us agree...DON'T CHEAT! Plain and simple! :lol:
Really people....do you need to be hit by a car....to learn NOT to play in the street...espesially after several people you've met ALLREADY got run over playing in the street! REALLY!...can't you just take our word for it! :rolleyes:
Its allright if you don't beleive...stick your hand in the fire and burn it good! it hurts...doesn't it...see Thats why we told you not to eat gluten...because the end result can be VERY bad....sure you don't have any bad signs right away when you smoke...but many many years later...when your lungs are black(and it will happen) you get Copd...then empaseama...then maybe cancer! but its better just to take a lung cancer victoms word for it...this is the same thing! It might take YEARS before you know the REAL damage your doing....is that one krispy kreame worth it...because if you get away with that...it might be a slice of pizza next...maybe occassional cake...you might get away with it..once your gut healed enough..you might not even feel it...but its there, nawing away at you!The people with severe reactions are actually kind of lucky, because the reaction is SO bad they don't WANT to put they're hand in the fire! its the people who think they can get away with it...because the reaction is not so bad....your the ones who end up with a blown out intestine..or worse! you should take heed to those who have been there...some of these stories scare the crap out of me!
yeah its not easy...most things worth doing..(especially health wise) arn't!
Were not perfect..I cheated yesterday...and I'm itching like crazy...in a lot of pain...and it hasn't hit my lower intestines yet...that will be fun!(I tend to get hives)so I know its not easy, but after reading some ofthese stories...I'm thinking...what the ....am I DOING! IT WASN'T/ISN'T worth it in the long run...because they're right...no matter what kind of pain I'm tollarating now (my thinking was as I put that little bit of heavenly chocolate B-Day cake in my mouth) was what the heck...I'm only hurting me...no one else! but thats not true...when your family watches you suffer...when your in the hospital with severe gut damage...when you have cancer...or SEVERAL autoimune diseses...the list goes on and EVERYONE who knows you is affected in some way...a ripple effect! :blink: :) People...we don't want to steal your donuts...we just don't want to see you get hurt...like us...or people we know!
But you know the saying...you can lead a donkey to the river.....(I know its horse...but horses have more sense!) :lol:
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#807271 Anyone Else Getting Obsessed With Instagram?

Posted by on 29 June 2012 - 08:36 AM

:lol: Loved your pics!!! cute pic of you...and your bunny bun bun! :P
I like the turttle too at the park! very artistic...interesting contrast of color the rust in the middle gives to the overall blues and greens...intresting feel! almost looks cross like in a meloncoly way...used...loved...cast aside! intresting...so many ways to look at it...very rustic! :D LIKE :D
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#805832 What's For Dessert Tonight?

Posted by on 23 June 2012 - 03:38 PM

:P Pineapple...fresh , sweet....pecfect...pineapple!Call me a purist...but this perticular pineapple was perfection on its :P own!couldn't have improved it even if I wanted to...would have been over kill! LOL! :rolleyes: :lol:
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#805101 The What's For Dinner Tonight Chat

Posted by on 20 June 2012 - 05:12 PM

ooh, a vegetable. If I put pumpkin caramel sauce over vanilla ice cream does that count?

Counts as a vegtable in my book!!!LOL! :lol: Something sweet sounds sooooo good right now! yummy! :P
Tonight its Cosco Rotisorie Chicken...greenbeans w/garlic and shitaki mushrooms! B)
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#804164 On The Subject Of Memory Problems

Posted by on 17 June 2012 - 02:35 PM

If you don't mind me asking, how did you come to suspect Nightshades? I've seen that a few times but never considered it a whole lot, one other thing, I am quitting dairy in general and sugar if I can avoid it totally, but it is some intense withdrawal I feel like an addict the way I want milk or something lol did you get anything like that? pretty sure one day off it and my back pain is already gone =/

I've been making eggs for breakfast for like, the last 2 years and the last week I don't know what it is but I've constantly left the burner on! going to destroy my damn cookware lol it's weird, I dunno how I can go fine for 2 years and then just start forgetting something so obvious, it's not like I'm rushing for something after it's made o.O

Its just that it got to a point that EVERYTIME I ate Marinara..Stuffed peppers...potatoes..or eggplant , I'd Get a reaction like I did when I was gluttened! :blink: Horrilbe stomache pain..instant bloating and nausia...usreally ending in me throwing up 5 minutes to 1/2 an hour later!It wasn't allways like that...but started gradualy mostly with tomatoe products at first...but when I became really sensetive right before DX and definatly after...it became more obvious! though I first thought I was being GLUTENED somehow! Then I read about night shades...even posted a thread asking about it!Thats when I REALLY understood the conection!I USED to eat this stuff ALL the time...but my Celiacs hit that saturation point....and now I'm sensitive to ALL kinds of things I wasn't before! Don't get me wrong...there were signs...Sometimes these things would make me sick...sometimes not...but I never put 2&2 together and allways thought it was SOMETHING ELSE! :ph34r: :rolleyes: NowI know better!thanks to my fellow Celiacs! :lol: :lol: :lol:

And yeah...I've set a few fires in my new stove..(using the broiler)...I had 6 inch flames 3 different occasoins setting my tortillas on fire...I like making my own chips using mission yellow corn tortillas/olive oil/hemylaian sea salt...then eating them with Hummas(good way to get your beans/protien!)...but I've forgotten them while waiting and reading the forum...and yes They made a lovely flame as I pulled them out and extinguished them in the sink!LOL! I've left my keys in the freezer...sometimes can't remember the name of things (alot)...but its getting better,It just takes time! :P I don't know how many times I boiled my tea water away and burned the pot! LOL...finally we got a teapot that whistles when it boils...yeah its loud and annoying...but I don't burn the pot! If only they made one for frying pans!LOL! :rolleyes: :blink: :D
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#803483 On The Subject Of Memory Problems

Posted by on 14 June 2012 - 10:15 AM

I was so bad off memory wise that I often could not remember the name of things like "fork", "plate", "knife" & forget (ha-ha) about me remembering just about anything at all! What's for dinner? I don't remember. Did I check the mail today? What day is this? What day is this? What day is this? all in the space of a half hour. I couldn't remember diddly squat.

Fast forward to 6mos. gluten-free & I'm baaaack! I still forget some things but I haven't forgotten the name of a fork in a long time now. I no longer worry about coming off as an idiot half wit when talking to people now.

OMG...That is SOOOO true....My hubby just couldn't understand why I couldn't remember what I did earlier in the day...he was convinced I didn't do ANYTHING while he was at work! The truth was ...I just couldn't remember! Heck I couldn't remember what I had for breakfast...I couldn't remember if I HAD breakfast! I'd go all day without eating...then realize I hadn't EATEN by 5:00pm, when I was getting dinner ready! and that was years before everything got REAL obvious! right before I was DX! I so relate to the not remembering what a fork was....Ummmmm...you know ...That THINGY!...With the sharp points! :blink:
Or I'd stop and have a food related question for the boys while making dinner...and it would sound like this..."Ddddddd...ddddd....ddddo....ddddd...ddd...dddd...DO yyyyyu.....dddddoo....yyyyyu......wwwwwwant?DDDDDDo yyyyyu....wwwwwant? uuuuuummmmm....IIIII forggggot!"My God! I thought I was having a stroke!(It didn't help at the time I was light sensetive, my extremities kept going numb, and I was having chest pains and had had a migraine for 2 months straight!)...REALLY SAD AND PATHETIC....then my arm or cheek would start twitching or I would feel like passing out!(turned out to be celiacs/and caesin...the dairy was causing migraines, muscle seisures and hot flashes...go figure!)
I am SOOOO glad THAT is in the past! THINGS are SOOOO much better now! Still have a little trouble remembering how to spell words, and I have ALOT of trouble still with GLUTEN ATAXIA...my hands,calves and forearms especially! but MAN....things are SO much better by a long shot! you totally brought back some memories there! :blink: :D
One time I was walking and compleatly lost the feeling in my toes on my right foot and 2 toes on my left...gone ..it was like they compleatly disapeared...not tingly(that happens alot too), but disapeared like they wern't there! Trust me when I say THAT is rather unnerving! :blink: :rolleyes: :lol:
But a Glutenfree/caesinfree/nightshade/soy free diet ( well mostly soy free...still rooting out the soy, it rears its ugly head in unlikely places...LOL!)...has made a WORLD of difference! and it will get even better when I can beat this malabsorbtion issue I'm sure!Still have along way to go....its only been since sept. 2011. My Doc says it takes a while especially since I have at least 40 years worth of undiagnosed Celiacs damage to heal(I can trace it back to age 6... when I had stomache issues/ fainting spells and severe migraines!....6 yr.olds shouldn't have chronic migraines or fainting spells! with all the bloodwork and catscans, they NEVER thought to test for FOOD allergies!) :( ....But that is a story very often told among us Celiacs! ;) ...Better LATE than NEVER! :rolleyes: :D
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#803309 On The Subject Of Memory Problems

Posted by on 13 June 2012 - 04:15 PM

Oh noez lol not the sugar and dairy :'o I have these vicious addict like cravings for those, I was worried it was candidia for the longest time but then I told myself to stop being silly and admit I was just refusing to give them up...still haven't perhaps I should o.o but then.. I'm left with so little xD

:lol: You have alot...you just have to explore new ways of getting it!...check out our FOOD thread...lots of healthy ideas there..lots of ALTERNITIVES! LOL! :lol: You can still have sweets just less refined! your body will get used to it after a while...the cravings will die down! Also...you may not have problems with alot of these things...but it is just a sugestion of what OTHERS have problems with! might not affect you..but it does give you an Idea if glutenfree doesn't seem to be enough!start by checking out the threads on NIGHTSHADES..our most commonfood sensitivity next to gluten!
Try eliminating one at a time...see what happens how you feel! :unsure: Or like I did...pay attention to how you feel after you ate it...like potatoes...or Tomatoes(marinara,tomatoesauce)...Peppers,eggplant(makes me vomit now...didn't use to!)I'd get a horrible stomacheache and bloating...so now Idon't eat it and feelbetter! I substitute sweet potatoes( in stirfry, frenchfrys..ect.)and it worksfine...I actually like them better,sweeter less dry!Now that I'm more healed I seem to bedoing better with salsa and raw tomatoes...still havn't worked the nerve up to try marinara...I had extreamly paifull experience last time! :blink: But you get the Idea!Checkout the "other" food sensitivities thread...good place to start! Don't worry...besides Gluten...alot of sensetivities change as we heal...some don't...but Everyone is different...different symptoms...different sensetivities!Just Hang in there and get better!LOL! :P One day at a time! :lol:
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#802066 The What's For Dinner Tonight Chat

Posted by on 09 June 2012 - 12:33 PM

Same in this house, but even HE said...babe, my pants are getting tight.... :lol:

So have some strawberries with a little honey (if they're tart) :P ...or some lightly sauted apples with honey and cinnimon( maybe a few golden raisins and/or Dates as well) over non fat all organic yogurt! Or saute apples,strawberries,black berries and honey and eat as is!(the honey makes a warm sauce). Make your Dessert...and eat it too! LOL! :P ...just make it healthy and light! :D (thats how I conquer the old sweet tooth!)LOL! :lol:
The honey is great for healing the digestive track (google health benifits ofhoney)...it soothes as well! yeah...it can be a little fattening...but its an antioxident and a lot healther than other choices!(I consider it MEDICINAL) LOL!...I'll take my chances with HONEY any day!....the key is just don't go overboard! HaHaHa! but dessert is suposed to be a treat by its very nature! :blink: :rolleyes: :D
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#802011 Almond Butter Vs Peanut Butter

Posted by on 09 June 2012 - 09:56 AM

I wouldn't worry about it...people can react to most anything and everything, especially if they're newly diagnosed.

I have no problem with either coffee or peanut butter.

Sometimes I do...sometimes I don't! LOL! :blink: :rolleyes: :lol:
But like I said before...I just think when the TumTums sensetive...oils n' stuff is gonna iretate it! LOL! :ph34r: :P
HaHaHa :lol: ...Most Celiacs I know...don't have ANY problem with COFFEE...LOL!!!
You GUYS are a bunch of COFFEEholics..LOL!!!! :D :D :D
....My self included...of course! :P
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#801438 The What's For Dinner Tonight Chat

Posted by on 07 June 2012 - 11:49 AM

I finally talked (nagged) my husband into a Costco membership and picked up a 3 pound bag of fresh spinach. I'm not sure what I'll have with it but I'm definitely having a huge bowl of fried spinach. And tomorrow. And the next day.

Saute it with some earthbalence (or your favorite gluten-free margerine) garlic,golden raisins,pecans and baby portibellas,sliced or halved (also at Cosco in a large 24oz pkg.for $4.49)!Of couse you can Also go over to the freezer section at Cosco and get there Wickedly deishous Kirkland signiture Raw/tailon SHRIMP...For$11.95(40 count) and throw those in as well!!! YUMMY YUMMMY!!! :P :lol: :D If you don't over cook the shrimp...the Kirkland cosco shrimp are actually very MEATY with wonderful flavor!...I allso sugest "21saulute all purpose seasoning" from TraderJoes...incredable for stir frys...pasta...meat...everything!LOL! :P
What can I say...I love shopping at Cosco and Trader joes!LOL! :rolleyes: :D
You can also warm some corn tortillas (also at Cosco for a 2 lb bag for $3)..and make tacos out of this...I put a little Hummus($5.95..SABRA..2 lbs.)on them...so good...makes my mouth water just thinking of it!and ALL glutenfree! HaHaHa! Who SAYS we can't eat well and still savemoney?! :lol: sometimes if I don't want shrimp/don't have any...I take my hilshire farm turkey Ham/or Turkey lunchmeat and panfry it...saute the spinich, garlic,mushrooms throw it in the tortillas with some humus and sometimes a little Avacodo(Also gotten at cosco/or T.J's)and make my Tacos that way...Udis beagle work to if you want to make it a sandwich. B)
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#801259 Another Does This Look Like Dh Post

Posted by on 06 June 2012 - 03:24 PM

Dr. Jackanapes.

LOL! :lol: :lol: :lol:
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#801239 Another Does This Look Like Dh Post

Posted by on 06 June 2012 - 02:51 PM

Oh Cougie, I'm not sure if that would call for a congratulations or not :huh: but it definitely calls for a "you poor girl."

Thankyou...you too!
Note pics 1/4/5...that looks like what I have...especially after I've been scratching! Note the FRECKLES as well...and the small almost blood blister red cirles...I've been describing this for awhile! I get random little red pin pricks( like the red dots , only smaller. then they fade into freckles! usreally I have barely noticable little clear(skin colored) bumps...almost like acne only never any "head/pus" or nothing at all ...just insane itching...then I scratch myself to death...and my arms/shoulders/ back... look like the pictures! :unsure: :rolleyes: ...espeacialy if I eat gluten or soy....then my entire body itches insanely...eyeballs...ears...fingertips...all the way to my toes...its nuts! I even get hives inside my stomache and intestinal track...feels like bee stingers!Doc says its Hives! :blink: <_< :huh: ...ouch! :P
Lots of scars...freckles...and semi healed round sores like acne thats been picked at to much!LOL...or like the pics! :D
It never "looked" like a rash....so I never "THOUGHT" of it as one....just REALLY itchy skin! :blink: :lol:
Costantly cutting myself open and bleeding everywhere!Skin moltled looking...between freckle and old purplish scars!EEEEWWWWW! :rolleyes: :blink: :lol: Is this what you guys are going through?I never really thought of it as a rash...at least not what I have....and it doesn't look like the pics I've seen under DH.But then...one thing I've learned about CELIACS is everyone is different! They should call it the rainbow deisese...because we seem to get every symptom under the rainbow!!! LOL! :rolleyes: :lol: :P
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#799977 Another Does This Look Like Dh Post

Posted by on 01 June 2012 - 02:50 PM

:( Ok...So I'm looking at your pictures...thinking...hmmm...that looks familar! where have I seen that? maybe Hubby? He has mysterious rash problems...no...not hubby.THen I look over at my itchy arm...at the old scars and where I've been scratching again...and Damn!looks just like yours! !! So what you guys are saying is that THIS is what DH looks like!? I GUESS I HAVE IT TOO!!Great...I thought I was just itchy...from gluten...yeah...but not DH!wow...mark down yet Another symptom of celiac!
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#799755 Dermatologist Was Mean, Made Me Cry...

Posted by on 31 May 2012 - 04:31 PM

I Would like to say 2 things...First of all...as allways...great advice guys!!!
I don't know where most of us would be with out the experiance of others...so important with this disease!!!
The second thing...as a lot of you have figured out...is there are two types of weight issues with celiacs...both are cuased by malnoutrishion issuess!
Some of us are anourexic looking...but alot of us...(the ones the doctors say can't have it BECAUSE we're overwieght)... are over weight!
Alot of us CAN't lose weight if our life depended on it...( and for SOME...it does!)
Even though we workout...eat healthy...its NOT enough!I use to tell people...I don't eat enough!...I barely ate ate all at times...no appetite...allways bloated...diareha...constepation...throwing up all the time..migrains...itching...severe muscle and joint pain...all from years of undiagnosed Celiacs!But the reason I WAS fat...was because I couldn't absorbe my noutriants...the same reason others are sticklike...only because my body thought it was starving (which it was...)
MY BODY...converted and stored ANYTHING it could...into fat...the old caveman feast or famine mode!some poeples bodies do that...there are alot of malnoutrishened people out there who are fat!a lot of poor people...who can't afford proper food...so there bodys do with what they can...celiacs acts the same way!can't digest it..so we store it!
Also...just for the record...we thoughtI had MS for years...had all the horrible tortorous tests...and all the neuro could say was maybe...maybe not! but I had 97 out of 100 symptoms...awwww ....can you say...GLUTION ATAXIA!!!! :blink: ...soooooo glad I discovered the forum...and the wonderful doc who figured out what was wrong! problem was she diagnosed me...but kinda left it at that...(its comlicated)...everything ELSE I learned from youguys and the celiacs here who have simular problems! THANKYou!!! we are NOT alone! :D :D :D
And for the record...I just got back some blood tests...and found I'm STILL not absorbing right...which has left me severely vitemen D and calcium defieciant...thus the severe joint pain and muscle spazms...not to mention swollen gums..chipping loose teeth...fragile nails and hair...ect!He's got me on vitemen C as well for my imunity for good mesure...along with my usreal muli! :blink: :rolleyes: :lol: :D :P

The reason I brought this up...was because several of you...besides talking rash...mentioned Docs saying you couldn't have Celiac...because you were over wieght!I just wanted to say you CAN...and alot of us DO! Despite of what alot of docs think...it can be a sign of malnoutrishoin(I HATE spelling that word).....and thus a sign of CELIACS! :ph34r: :o :D (allso...besides brainfog...whichis common...alot of us have trouble remembering how to spell!!!LOL!)That and where we put stuff!!!...5 minutes ago!!!LOL! :rolleyes: :P
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#798149 The What's For Dinner Tonight Chat

Posted by on 24 May 2012 - 04:36 PM

we had honey glazed tilapia with brown rice and carrots. I was shocked that my husband actually ate the fish with the glaze and he liked it. He has this thing for plain and flavorless food, it drives me nuts when I make amazingly delicious things and he just makes a face and microwaves a pizza. This is one I can definitely add to my "recipe book" I keep in my head.

LOL...I know how you feel! I go to ALL this trouble to make tasty HEALTHY combinations...and my 22 yr.old son sits there picks all the meat out of what ever dish I've come up with...puts all the veggies to one side...and the mushrooms and onions and garlic in their own piles...then eats everything SEPERATELY! :blink: I say TRY it together...you might like it! He laughs and says...thats ok! and eats it all seperate! (usreally making a buritoe out of the meat...with just meat and hotsauce!)But thats ok...everyone ELSE likes my cooking just the way I serve it! LOL! I guess theres allways One in every bunch..or so they say!LOL! :P
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