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Member Since 06 Sep 2011
Offline Last Active Nov 30 2012 11:38 AM

Topics I've Started

Need To Speak To Moderator!

09 January 2012 - 11:30 AM

I was locked out since the turn of the new year..I've been trying everything to get back in! But there is no e-mail or # to call if you are unable to log in and the send a new password e.mail doesn't work!I was trying to get a hold of a moderator this morning and got a error on forrum/send a message...I did! well 2 hours later I was still screwing around and got another "password" e-mail...as you can see IT worked! but now I don't know if I activated this from the previous messages or if this was in responce to my last atempt at contacting the admin.!
I need to cancel my request because the problem was fixed but I don't know if admin fixed it or me!
confused...please respond!Also why is there a request to sign in if I'm allready signed in?I'm afraid if I resign in if I'm allready showing in the top corner...I'll mess something up.I'm afraid to sign out now!

Sweet Potatoe Frys

04 November 2011 - 08:24 AM

I LOVE SWEET POTATOE FRIES!!! Can anyone tell me how to make them (BAKED) from scratch?
Do I boil them first? slice them then boil? slice and bake? coat them first(in what?)How long do I bake them?
PLEEEEEEASE ENLIGHTEN ME!!! I want to make sweet potatoe fries! :P :P :P
Oh..and any seosoning segestions...I'm allergic to fresh rosemary and basil...dried isn't as bad but something as a subsitute would be nicer! I'd rather not take a chance with a tummy ache! :blink: :rolleyes: :P


26 October 2011 - 01:06 PM

I know eggplant is a night shade...but can anyone explain about nightshades to me?
effects,any info would be apresiated! I know alot of celiacs tend to be sentitive to these (and soy, nuts,corn,frucose ect.) so I'm sure a thread on the subject for all us newbies would be much apresiated!
I thought eggplant was ok...I only had an ocasional reaction to American (the giant purple beast) eggplant if it was under cooked (usreally grilled)...I didn't seem to have any problem with the smaller more delecate japanese eggplant I've been eating it regularly in my diet for the last year/ 8 months? But the recently I had stuffed American eggplant and was sick ( vomiting ,diarea,intestinal hives,bloating,throat itchy slightly swollen,sore, severe neck pain and severe migrain type head ache!!!)
Needless to say I said NEVER again to american eggplant...but 2 weeks after the effects wore off I had just a little japanese eggplant thrown in with some mushrooms and chicken in the form of tacos (gluten free corn tortillas of course)...and WHOA BABY!!!! I was Soooooooo sick!!!! Neck imeadeatly knotted up severely ,migraine for days..vomiting ,instant bloating.....Internal hives....I've NEVER had that kind of reaction to the smaller type eggplant (its the really long one). Apearently ALL eggplant are out now!! :blink: :(
So can anybody give me any insight on this..I've heard mention here and there but thought maybe it could be helpful to put it out there in one spot! allittle easier than looking all over this site for scraps of info like I was doing...Thanks Guys!!! :D :D
also is it possible to get hemorroids from a food reaction? any one ever experiance or heard of this?
Suddenly I've this wicked hemorriod out of nowhere!!
I know the constant diarhea/constapation that seems to be a universal side effect of Celiacs can cause this...but anyone have this type of reaction due to food allergies? I do get internal hives...maybe a byproduct? anyone else ever have this happen to you? :blink: :o :rolleyes:

Me Too..messages?

23 September 2011 - 12:36 PM

Twinkle star and I both have tried to message each other and it won't go through...why? I went through the right procedger...and got a" message sent "pop up, but she never got it! she sent me one...and I didn't get that either!
when Richard sent me a message last week It worked fine...we sent several messages! NOW..nothing!? Is it a tecnical problem maybe?
Originaly when we FRENDED each other there was a line under our info stating that we were unable to participate...which wasn't the case. we both had that...so we comunicated via comment box...but that keeps cutting us off before we run out of letters...equaly fustrating...at least we know its not personal..but messaging would be easier...and a little more PRIVET!!!can someone check into that please,we would apreciate that very much! :D


07 September 2011 - 04:29 PM

Hi guys...(And girls)
I'm still figuring this out! What is my signature? Where and why do I need it/put it?!On my profile it says I haven't done my signature!? HUH?!!!
A little help please... it took me all day to get my Avatar right(I thought it was my photo and couldn't figure out why it wouldn't change!LOL)
Thanks guys.
Also since you(moderators) are more experianced and I'm really in trouble here...do you have any imediate advice for not being able to keep food down because your stomache has had enough and refuses to digest...entire stomache/intestinal track feels like bee stings and open sores any suggestions for soft digestible food? (gluten/casein intolerant)Hungry and everything is making severe acid and gas... even the good stuff!
I was able to hold down some trader joes butternut squash soup(gluten free) 15 minutes ago...but want some advice from someone more experianced and can't rally wait!!!

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