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Member Since 16 Sep 2011
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#731223 Brand New Diagnosis!

Posted by on 16 September 2011 - 03:41 PM

Hi there and welcome!

First, everyone varies as far as recovery goes. The first few weeks (if not months) can be tough because most go through a type of detox. Many of us have issues like sub-optimal hormone levels, liver congestion, etc. Proper diet and supplamentation is key and it sounds like your doc is on it.

One big caution for you, if you still bake with glutenous products make sure you take precautions like a face mask and gloves. Some Celiacs become quite ill from inhaling (and swallowing) workplace gluten.

Best of luck and welcome!

Yes...I'm going to have to figure out the best way to work around my ingredients...but I must say...since I have my own commercial bakery kitchen in my house...I may just decide this is the avenue I am taking and completely change to being the best provider of gluten free wedding cakes, bread and other pastires. I live in a small coastal town so there is NOTHING to choose from for people who have Celiac or just want to eat gluten free. We have a really great health food store in the next town up...I spent a couple hours there today. The owner is also Celiac and was super helpful. I'm going to detox my kitchen and myself. :) My husband said he's on board...our kids are teens...that could be a challenge...but If I don't buy them poisen...they can't eat it, right? I guess they can at school and out of the house...but they eat what I make for them and for the most part we eat organic and healthy anyway...so it will all be ok.

I am going to stay really positive and I am greatful and thankful that I don't have something that I can't work around. My husband gave me a hug and said, "It's not cancer....or watergate." lol...I guess he's right. :)

Thanks so much for the uplifting messages. I'm going to use this site to the fullest! <3
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#731082 Brand New Diagnosis!

Posted by on 16 September 2011 - 10:38 AM

Hi There...
I was just diagnosed this week with Celiac Disease. I've had symptoms for years...but recently the Celiac Blood Testing panel came back positive. I am also suffering from an EXTREME Vitamin B12 deficiency...I've been on the shots for about 6 months and not much relief so I'm hoping the new Gluten Free Diet will change that.

My Dr. is also restricting me from Dairy and sugar for the first 3 mos of the diet then I can gradually add them back. I seriously cannot wait to start feeling better. My pancreas is not doing well at this point and I'm hoping the diet change will speed up the healing process. Did anyone else experience any malfunction with vital organs before being diagnosed and how long before I can expect to feel at least somewhat better?

I'm pretty over whelmed right now. Oh...I'm a Pastry Chef so this is going to be a challenge. However...I'm going to make it my goal to creat new and delicious breads, pastries and desserts that are Gluten Free!

Thanks a bunch...
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