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Member Since 17 Sep 2011
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In Topic: I'm So Bitter And Sick Of It

17 September 2011 - 11:45 PM

Yeah, you have to develop a new outer skin that both makes you impervious to the dubious delights of gluten, and at the same time allows you to be super nice to people who offer it to you, and not bore them to death with why you can't eat it :lol: You also have to learn that it is the social part that counts, not the food, and focus on that, otherwise you run the risk of being ostracized. There's nothing that will turn you into a good cook more than a diagnosis of gluten intolerance. Blow them away with your gluten free goodies. Sorry I can't help with the boyfriend part. Either he gets it and will be supportive, or he doesn't and won't. :(

By the way, welcome to the forum :)

Thank you =D! And good point with the social part which is what counts instead of the food. And I think you're right about becoming a good cook cause you learn to make everything from the bottom.

In Topic: I'm So Bitter And Sick Of It

17 September 2011 - 08:40 AM

I thought at first relief when I was told what was wrong, and the diet didn't bother me much other than it's so damn costly and there are close to no products in my country.. but at least you can make alternatives and some are better than the originals.
But gotta say, it depresses me so when I go downtown and I can't go to a restaurant with my boyfriend and he doesn't wanna be limited by me. I said before I went on the diet that I was worried how it'd bother him cause in a way it'd restrict him too, but he said it'd be no problem. It's just not how I felt lately. And when people make homebaked cakes at work and I gotta say no.. man, it kills you socially. Who knew food brought people together as much as it does. This diet basically restricts you in all sorts of food and makes you hypersensitive towards other food too .. No wonder it makes a lot of us bitter.

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