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In Topic: Imaculate Brand- Cookies

05 December 2012 - 07:36 PM

WOW... thanks - adalaide- that does sound promising, but still so strange, that i have tried it THREE times and gotten sick for a good 24 hours after each time.. i kept thinking maybe it was a conicedence.. maybe i had a stomach bug etc... haha.. i really like the taste of those cookies!!! It's my typical reaction though - (however I am a weird case.. not diagnosed by blood or endoscopy, as I was gluten free for a bit before tested.... i was really sick and loosing TONS of weight... gluten free diet helped me so much.. and the IVIG fixed the problem.. unless I have an occassional flare).. I get that left upper quandrant pain that lasts for a good 2-3 days and everything I eat goes right through me for a good 24 hours.. I loose a bit of weight each time.. .. if it's not gluten in them, i wonder what it could be!????

dilettanstesteph- Yup, sorry, it is left upper quadrant.... and it's like I can't put any solids in my stomach for several days without bad pain.. its just right under my left lower ribs.. when I first got sick and was loosing weight, i started calorie loading, thinking I need to eat more... i ate more and more (TONS of gluten.. lots of fatty cookies I thought would help my situation).. I felt like i was starving to death, but eating more than a linebacker! i had horrible constant pain there for several months, when i stopped eating gluten it slowly went away and eventually resolved.. until i get flares..

thank yall so very much for your help!!!

In Topic: Imaculate Brand- Cookies

04 December 2012 - 08:22 PM

Thanks so much!!! I will do that.. you would think after eating them TWO times, I wouldn't try a third... but I had a weak moment and thought to myself, it says gluten free!!! maybe it was just a coincidence in the past!?! But just like the last two times horrible left upper quandrant pain and awful GI symptoms.. shakiness, felt steaming hot for a day or two.., couldn't eat for over a day anythign solid without pain, lower gi symptoms and horrible nausea..etc... I never eat out at all.. and rarely eat anything processed.. but man, I would love to indulge every once in a while!!! Do you get LUQ pain with gluten?? is that common do you know?? Thansk so much for your help!

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