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In Topic: Celiac, Candida And Nystatin

24 December 2011 - 07:56 PM

I don't like your insulting tone, Gemini. Someone says "I have a reaction after every dose of a drug" and anyone with a shred of common sense would say "gee, maybe it's the drug."

I'm glad to hear Nystatin helped you, but it doesn't mean it's the right medicine for everyone. People die of bacterial infections, but they also die from penicillin allergy. Like antibiotics, Nystatin is somewhat overprescribed. I just think Albion needs to talk to her doctor to make sure the reactions are still Herxheimer and not a allergic sensitization or irritation/toxicity issue.

So sorry! I did not want to start an argument. I have just been very despairing about the treatment. I was taking a sugar-loaded version of Nystatin (used for infants with thrush, it turns out!) and I feel like I didn't make any progress for the 2 months I was taking it.

My die off has been worse over the last few days with Caprylic Acid, so I am thinking I am just very sensitive to the chemicals the yeast lets go of when it dies. I am going to have my doctor do a stool culture to see what we are actually dealing with now. Did I make it worse? Is it just the same? Maybe a little better?

That brings me to my next question....what type of stool test is best for detecting candida? My celiac panel was done by a blood test and that was conclusive. I am not sure the same is true for candida.

Thanks to all of you that have been helping. I live alone with this and the isolation is tremendous and painful.

In Topic: Celiac, Candida And Nystatin

20 December 2011 - 01:55 PM

I know exactly what you are going thru as I did the Candida diet twice in my lifetime, when I thought my problem was all Candida and knew little to nothing about Celiac. Turns out I had both problems but following the Candida diet and taking Nystatin made me feel a whole lot better. You are also correct in that the Candida diet is much harder to deal with than going gluten free....the gluten-free diet is easy compared to that.

Here is what I learned in the 2 years I followed the diet....taking liquid Nystatin is a big no-no as it's mainly sugar and sugar feeds yeast. Yes, hard to believe that anyone would prescribe a sugar laden med to combat Candida but that's how deep the ignorance goes! :o You need to get the powdered form of Nystatin and either have it put into capsules OR mix it with water and drink it...which is what I did. The sugar laden Nystatin is mainly used to give to infants with thrush so they'll swallow it. Nystatin by itself is not the greatest thing taste-wise and infants would spit it out. It still feeds the yeast and that's why some babies have repeat occurrences of thrush but try telling the medical profession that! DUH! You are actually making the yeast growth worse by using this form and that's why you are having reactions. Been there, done that, no thank you.....

If you follow a strict Candida, absolutely no sugar diet :( , and take the Nystatin in it's natural form, it should clear up the problem well. I got sick from die off within a month of starting this regimen and got a Rx for Diflucan to take as an added boost and it worked well. After about 6 weeks on the diet when the die off subsided, I felt better than I have felt in years. Still had Celiac but I didn't know it at the time. The Candida diet will make a Celiac feel better because you cannot have any refined carbs at all. The only carb I ate was brown rice....nothing white at all.

I wish you luck with this because it is hard....mood swings from hell from the sugar withdrawal. Gluten was a piece of cake to give up compared to this! However, those level out after a few weeks and you get your sanity back.

Thank you so much for this information! I had no idea that the ignorance went as deep as you point out it has. I figured the manufacturer knew what they were doing. But your point about infants and thrush makes sense. They can't take pills and would spit out something bad tasting.

I have been good with the candida/no sugar or starch diet (not even diet coke and fake sugar!) and still felt badly. I was crying with frustration and fear that I would never get better. Driving my naturopath (who wanted me to only use garlic, caprylic acid etc and didn't know enough about Nystatin liquid b/c that's not her field) and my therapist insane.

I think I will stick to my naturopath's recommendations until I can get my GP to switch to the Nystatin pills.

It is wonderful to hear that you recovered and can live on the Celiac diet and feel well. I am aspiring to get there.

Thanks to you and to the other well-informed people on the forum. I don't know what I would do without all of you to help me problem solve.

In Topic: Celiac, Candida And Nystatin

20 December 2011 - 10:30 AM

I have to wonder if you are reacting to the Nystatin rather than experiencing die-off, since it's going for this long and you feel it after every dose.

I think you might be right. The pharmacist pointed out that the liquid Nystatin I was taking was 33% sucrose. The herxheimer reaction I got every time I took it could have been a reaction to liquid sugar.

I am going to have the format of the Nystatin changed to pill form and take the herba anti-fungals my naturopath recommends.

Does anyone else have celiac/candida success strategies they can share?

In Topic: Sick And Tired Of Feeling Sick & Tired......

02 October 2011 - 10:19 AM

Hi, I'm kind of in the same situation and I was just wondering if you're eating meat and vegetables even for breakfast? What else are you eating in the elimination diet? How long have you been on the elimination diet and are you feeling much better? I might just have to do that...I've been gluten-free for a month and am not feeling much better.

Also, it's interesting that you mentioned something about our liver working extra hard. My ribs have been tender recently, too, and I googled something that mentioned "liver energy congestion". Interesting. Helps explain why I'm still feeling bad.


I have been off gluten for 10 days and on the elimination diet for 4 days; I am now taking supplements to balance out what I do not get in the food. I do eat chicken for breakfast with some carrots or potato. Or I mix up the Vital Clear I was given by the naturopath. For the immediate future I am eating only organic vegetables and lean meat. My appetite is still so off that I can't work up enthusiasm over any food, so right now one is as good as another. I am hopeful that will change.

My most painful symptoms are/were the skin burning, nausea, weight loss, and (emotionally painful) my hair falling out. The gastric symtoms were something I had grown used to over the past year and seemed to come and go. My skin is feeling meaningfully better and I had no PMS this month, so the 10 days without gluten is making a tiny difference even this early.

I found this website, http://jennifer-andr...-gluten-a357043 and followed the instructions there since they were in sync with what my naturopath was telling me. What stuck out from the detox plan here was the sentence "avoid excess fat and sugar since the liver is working hard...." From what I read here, in the short term, fat and sugar slow the detox process down. (We would skip step 4 on the plan here because we will not eat gluten again!) So we are getting better, it's just that sugar and fat give our liver extra work to do.

Right now my main detox symptom is unbearable anxiety almost all day. I read here that such a symptom is common and I am trying to be patient. Reading the forum here is very helpful and I have friends who know and talk me through.

We are here for you!

In Topic: Bite Guard

01 October 2011 - 11:45 AM

I have found that white vinegar dissolves flour. What if you soaked this thing for hours in 1/2 white vinegar 1/2 water? Then rinse and brush the heck out of it? Then rinse, rinse, rinse. Scrub with a tooth brush. If it still tastes like vinegar, you haven't rinsed enough!

This was great advice! I tried it last night and slept hard, knowing that I could use my "pacifier" without fear. Thanks!

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