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#735707 Sick And Tired Of Feeling Sick & Tired......

Posted by on 02 October 2011 - 10:19 AM

Hi, I'm kind of in the same situation and I was just wondering if you're eating meat and vegetables even for breakfast? What else are you eating in the elimination diet? How long have you been on the elimination diet and are you feeling much better? I might just have to do that...I've been gluten-free for a month and am not feeling much better.

Also, it's interesting that you mentioned something about our liver working extra hard. My ribs have been tender recently, too, and I googled something that mentioned "liver energy congestion". Interesting. Helps explain why I'm still feeling bad.


I have been off gluten for 10 days and on the elimination diet for 4 days; I am now taking supplements to balance out what I do not get in the food. I do eat chicken for breakfast with some carrots or potato. Or I mix up the Vital Clear I was given by the naturopath. For the immediate future I am eating only organic vegetables and lean meat. My appetite is still so off that I can't work up enthusiasm over any food, so right now one is as good as another. I am hopeful that will change.

My most painful symptoms are/were the skin burning, nausea, weight loss, and (emotionally painful) my hair falling out. The gastric symtoms were something I had grown used to over the past year and seemed to come and go. My skin is feeling meaningfully better and I had no PMS this month, so the 10 days without gluten is making a tiny difference even this early.

I found this website, http://jennifer-andr...-gluten-a357043 and followed the instructions there since they were in sync with what my naturopath was telling me. What stuck out from the detox plan here was the sentence "avoid excess fat and sugar since the liver is working hard...." From what I read here, in the short term, fat and sugar slow the detox process down. (We would skip step 4 on the plan here because we will not eat gluten again!) So we are getting better, it's just that sugar and fat give our liver extra work to do.

Right now my main detox symptom is unbearable anxiety almost all day. I read here that such a symptom is common and I am trying to be patient. Reading the forum here is very helpful and I have friends who know and talk me through.

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