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Member Since 26 Sep 2011
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Celiac, Candida And Nystatin

17 December 2011 - 03:31 AM

Hi everyone,

I was diagnosed with Celiac through a blood test along with candida albicans; my level for candida was +3.3 about 3 months ago. My Dr. put me on liquid Nystatin 1,000,000 units (about a tablespoon) 4x a day. I have been following the yeast and gluten free diet devoutly.

I am wondering 2 things:

Has anyone on this forum has had success in treating celiac-related candida with nystatin? As restrictive as a gluten free diet is, gluten free is paradise compared to a candida diet!

When/did those who took nystatin stop the die off reaction? 3 months in and I am still feeling the die off with each dose I take. (The naturopath, who is angry I am taking a prescription, just said I was "weird" and she'd never known anyone to herx throughout the whole dose.)

This is such a positive place to get feedback. I really appreciate anyone's help with this.

Bite Guard

30 September 2011 - 05:08 PM

Hi Everyone!

I have found this forum so helpful, and I need to turn to you for advice about this. My dentist fitted me with a bite guard last summer. I love it. It's like a pacifier for me. But I know I've eaten gluten foods and put it in without brushing....My question--can I clean the dental appliance fully and continue to use it? Or do I need to have another one made?

My dentist, who says the dental plastic is not porous like kitchen utensils, says as long as I brush the bite guard with a gluten free toothpaste I should be fine.


Thanks so much!

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