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In Topic: 24Y Male And Under Weight Bmi 16 What To Eat?

22 December 2012 - 08:58 PM

By the way thank all of you for the replies the information you gave me will be put to good use i didn't think anyone would reply. I was upset today when i looked at the scale and was shook. Then i went on Google and looked up help for me, and saw my old post and i cryed. Its been a long time and dident think anyone would reply and i have 4. You made my day thank you so much for being so kind and replying to me.

In Topic: 24Y Male And Under Weight Bmi 16 What To Eat?

22 December 2012 - 08:50 PM

Hello everyone im finally back sorry its been so long. Well here it is... I am still Gluten free but my twin is not we are 26 now and still the same kinda i lost weight i weigh 117 now from 120/122ish I am in NETTTS school now because the tile company went down (lack of work). I have no money and no food now.. hence the weight loss, no health insurance never had it ever in my life. We still have hope to one day get to see a real doctor and get all the tests we need not sure what to get or the type of doctor/s to see. i have 5 months left of school i got denied food assistance i have to work 20 hrs a week to qualify. i applied for about 20-30 jobs and didn't get one call tried the tile union they never called back so i did 3 times and they said every time they would call me back never did and my uncle is in there and he tried and still nothing. So now i am in school to get my CDL Truck driving license so i can get a job but i am unsure if i can get a job being underweight like i am, my twin is getting his CDL also. He is 112 lbs and 1/2 inch shorter then me. I am 6'. We have been taking V-B12 and Andrew and I ended up with bad muscle cramps from the shoulders then moved down to the legs after 3 days of taking them ... kinda odd. I have some weird symptoms and I looked them up and it explains malabsorption of fats. And I think this is why We are so under weight. the only meal i get now is dinner at my feonsay's house her mom and dad cook for us he complains tho lol so i feel like such a mooch. My parents cant afford to feed me. i have no money for my car insurance or gas any more so i will take the buss to school soon. but i am trying and it is just hard. its been 2 years G/free and no help except less diarrhea . I am a christian I pray alot I have faith things will get better. But a good doctor would be a God send I just cant wait for that day.I just hope after i get licensed that i will get hired ;)

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