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Celtic Queen

Member Since 29 Sep 2011
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Topics I've Started

Funny Story - Christmas Eve & Church

27 December 2013 - 07:46 AM

So, my MIL and I have been having some issues lately.  Mainly it's because I don't live my life exactly the way she thinks I should and don't agree with everything she says :D But we did have a nice Christmas holiday together.  I did have to share this funny story though.


We went to Christmas Eve service at her church.  She lives in a small town and everyone at church knows everyone else.  They were serving communion at the service.  At my home church, I am in charge of serving the gluten free communion to the 4 of us who are gluten intolerant.  But I knew they wouldn't have gluten free communion at her church, so I just sat in my seat during the communion.  When she came back from getting her bread and juice, she said to me, "You should have gone up there.  If you didn't want communion you could have let the pastor know and he would have just blessed you.  Now everyone probably thinks you are an atheist since you didn't go up there."  I responded, "Well, God knows I'm not an atheist."


So which is worse, being a Celiac who can't take communion or having everyone at church think I am an Atheist?  I thought it was pretty funny.  I could care less what everyone else thought about my not going up to communion.  This is one of the reasons we clash.  She lives in a small town and is very much about keeping up appearances with everyone.  I could care less what everyone thinks of me.


It was also funny that Christmas dinner was pretty much a Celiac's nightmare.  She saved out some ham and cheese grits for me.  Everything else was filled with gluten - ham and biscuits, sausage balls, pigs in a blanket, sweet roll, cookies, rum cake.  There was not a vegetable to be found and everything had gluten in it. 

Need Site To Explain Genetic Testing

18 November 2013 - 08:50 AM

Hi all,


Just got the test results from the genetic testing today for DS.  According to Prometheus Labs, here are his results:

Homozygous DQ2.5 (DQA1*05:DQB1*0201)


Apparently that puts him at the top of the risk scale.  Anyway, can anyone recommend an easy website for me to read to so I can easily explain this to my hubby (who is not Celiac). I didn't have any genetic testing done when I was diagnosed, so I don't know much about it.  And I'm not too scientifically inclined, so I basically need Celiac Genetics for Dummies :rolleyes:


I know there are a lot of super smart folks on this board who know a lot about the genetic side of the disease, so I am hoping you can help me out.


Also, fyi for those looking into getting the genetic testing done.  My insurance wouldn't pay for the genetic testing unless DS already had a positive blood test or biopsy.  (Even though we would already know he had the disease at that point and wouldn't really need the genetic test to confirm :angry: )  Anyway, Prometheus has a financial assistance program for those who qualify.  We didn't qualify for that but they are going to give me a 30% discount if I don't file anything through insurance (including the cost of drawing the labs) and pay within 30 days.  So there are two options to make it a little bit cheaper for those who think they can't afford it. 


Thanks for your help.

Gulf Shores/orange Beach/fort Morgan Al

15 October 2013 - 01:59 PM

Just got back from a beach vacation with the family and thought I'd share a few restaurant options for those traveling to the Gulf Shores/Orange Beach/Fort Morgan Alabama area.  This is my second year eating gluten free at the beach and here's a few of the places I hit:


Fort Morgan

Tacky Jacks II - The waitress was very helpful here.  She recommended their seafood salad, but they also had some steamed crab and boiled shrimp entrees that were safe, as well as a steak.  I had the steamed crab claws with butter as an appetizer and the seafood salad as an entree.  Both were really good.  The salad had an ample supply of shrimp and crawfish on it.  I didn't get sick on anything.


Orange Beach

Colbalt's - This is an upscale restaurant.  The waitress was immediately brought me their gluten free menu, which had quite a few options (but, as usual, no prices :))  There were the obligatory salad offerings, as well as several seafood dishes and steak that were all gluten free.  I ordered a dinner salad and their North Carolina bbq ribs.  The ribs were very delicious - slightly sweet and spicy.  They have a full bar and a great patio.  We sat on the patio and looked at all the yachts coming in to dock.  I didn't get sick here either.  Yay! 


Gulf Shores

The Original Oyster House - Last year I had a bad experience at this restaurant.  I had a really sweet waitress but not very knowledgable.  My food came out with a huge piece of bread on it and I had to get the kitchen to remake the dish.  I ended up eating the second dish, even though I really shouldn't have and, of course, I got sick.  So this year I was really hesitant to eat there.  Their salad bar is a buffet, so that isn't really even an option.  The waiter this year was much more informed about gluten and seemed to have more faith in the kitchen.  Still, I didn't want to take a risk so I only ate a baked potato and they didn't gluten me this year.


The Hangout - The have a notice printed on their menu to inform them if you have allergies.  The waitress knew several options and offered to get the manager to help with more.  I ended up eating the Mandarin salad, just because it sounded good.  They substituted grilled chicken for fried to make it gluten free.  It tasted really good.  There were several other seafood and salad options I could have chosen, as well as a bunless burger.  I managed not to get sick here either.


LuLu's - This is my favorite place to eat when I'm in the area because it's so easy.  They have a separate allergen menu that lists gluten free, dairy free, and soy free (I think).  There are a ton of options.  They also serve gluten free beer - Omission Lager.  I had never tried Omission before so it was fun to be able to order something different.  I got the mahi mahi tacos, which were super yummy.  The tortilla chips that come with them are baked, instead of fried, so they're not as tasty as the regular ones but will do in a pinch.  When you order off the allergen menu, a manager has to come and take your order instead of the waiter or waitress.  And the manager delivers the food.  They have a good understanding of food allergies/intolerances.  I didn't get sick here either.


Hope this helps anyone who will be traveling to this part of Alabama.

Just Venting (Long)

27 September 2013 - 07:54 AM

Ugh, I just need to get this out there to some people who understand.  I have been gluten free for 2 years and I think that has resolved some of my issues, but I suspect that some other health issues have come to the forefront now.  I've been dealing with this off and on for about 6 months.


I love my GP.  She is a wonderful, kind, caring doctor.  But she's not understanding what's wrong with me.  I tell her that I'm tired all the time and can barely get up out of bed in the morning.  She wants to describe another anti-depressant for me.  I tell her that I feel like my metabolism is crawling after I get glutened, and she prescribes a stimulant for me.  She wants me to lose weight, and I do too, but I want to figure out what's going on with my body first.  There is something wrong with me and pushing another pill at me isn't going to fix it.


So I decided to visit a Naturopath that a friend recommended.  He has his MD but practices integrative medicine.  I called to make an appointment and their next new patient appointment isn't until April!  Yes, April.  I'm so frustrated.  There's are two other clinics in town - one with an MD on staff one one with just a naturopath - but I don't know anyone who has been to either.  And all the reviews on this first guy are awesome. 


Of course insurance won't pay for any of this, so it will all be out of my pocket and will likely cost $1,000 or more.  If I'm spending that much money, I want to make sure I go to someone good and that I get the help I need.  But I don't want to keep feeling like crap until April.


On top of all this, DS has been undergoing ADD testing for the past month.  He finally got all the testing done and we can't get into his psychologist until the end of next month.  So there's another month of school gone by without him having either medicine or a plan in place.  And the school can't finish his IEP until the doctor is done with his paperwork.  And, I'm going to get him genetically tested for the Celiac genes, but was waiting until we had to go back to the pediatrician to get him on the ADD medicine to have it cheek swab done at the same time.  I have high deductible insurance so each time I walk in her door it costs me $145, hence the need to combine stuff into one visit.  So I have to wait on that too.


I'm not normally a hypochondriac but I keep searching the web to find out what's wrong with me.  And I keep coming up with a variety of possible things - thyroid issues, histamine intolerance, other food intolerances, adrenal fatigue.  I want to find out which of these things are causing my issues so that I can start feeling better.


It's just frustrating because I feel like I'm stuck in limbo, waiting on other people.  Anyway, thanks for listening to my pity party. 

gluten-free Chicken And Dumplings

20 September 2013 - 07:03 AM

So, I was talking to my friend the other day and she mentioned making chicken and dumplings for her girls.  That made me start craving some for myself.  I haven't made any since going gluten-free, so I don't have a recipe.  Any of you out there have a good gluten-free chicken and dumpling recipe you can share?


With fall coming I'm starting to crave warm, hearty dishes like this.

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