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In Topic: What Happens And How Do You Deal With Being Glutened?

09 May 2015 - 09:29 PM

Hi everyone.

First of all, disclaimer. I am assuming that all other coeliacs have had very bad experiences and will excuse me for my outward talking. I am slightly autistic meaning that I don't always have restraints on the amount of detail that is appropriate. For this, I can only say read on if you are a true coeliac and are not overly squeamish to specific details :D

I am writing this after spending 7 1/2 hours in the bathroom throwing up, crying, screaming, clenching and a lot more which I will spare you the details ;)

I had dinner at about 8 and by 8.15 I was in absolute agony. My stomach was cramping and spasming. I was crying and trying to be sick but couldn't. It's very rare that I throw up during this time. It is usually only the other end. However tonight was a fairly normal night. Albeit a very bad night. I usually end up in hospital for about 3-5 days because the reaction is so bad. My stomach cramps, I feel sick, I feel like someone is pulling the insides of my stomach inside and out and in every direction at the same time. Sitting in the bathroom for 7 hours screaming is the only way (non hospital) that I can get through it. If I'm in hospital, I am dosed up with a lot morphine and gas and air and that usually does the trick eventually. I have heard other people saying that they drink tea, watch TV and 'simply ride it out' and I straight away think 'you haven't got it that bad'. Is there anybody else that has it this bad? I cannot think straight. Usually my mum comes in to try and calm me and stop me hyperventilating. I also always have a hot water bottle. All day every day. I have quite bad erythema ab igne (sever burn marks) on the stomach thanks to the over use of the HWB. When the episode has 'finished' so to speak, it takes me half an hour to work up the courage to get up and move for fear i might not be able to stand up without screaming in pain. Normally, after about 2 hours, mum will call the out of hours surgery and I will usually end up being taken in to the hospital. However tonight leaving the house was not an option so I really did have to ride it out.

Basically, my question is what happens when you personally get glutened and how do you deal with? Don't spare the gory details (that's what disclaimers are for). Also roughly how old were you? I'm interested to know life stories of experiences if you feel like sharing. I am only 18 and to be honest, I am petrified that this is going to happen for the rest of my life. The doctors have been useless to say the least and when I finally get my results back from a dietician that I have had to self refer myself to which confirm that I am coeliac, all h**l is gonna break lose at the doctors surgery. :) anyone else had these issues? Looking forward to hearing from you,


Well Tash... I think we are all a bit different in our reactions.. I bloat up like a blinking balloon, so bad that my skin feels like it's going to tear apart ( I look nine months pregnant)... and my ankles and wrists/hands hurt so terribly!  I have a headache and just hurt and feel so lousy.  I don't get 'glutened' too often, only twice in the past several years.  There is nausea, which may or may not end up to be actual vomiting.  The bloating thing brings with it gas and either D or the other end of the spectrum.... It isn't always the same.  I am 54 years old now, and was diagnosed 7 years ago, after being really sick and skeletal for 7 years.

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