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In Topic: Stomach And Intestinal Spasms

13 October 2011 - 03:16 PM

I've been at this now for about 15 months - gluten-free/DF/SF, non celiac (by blood and biopsy) but gluten intolerant (Enterolab). In the past 6 weeks I've noticed that my system has changed. I was feeling GREAT for over a year and then I started with nausea at times, always after I eat no matter what I eat, even though sometimes I eat very little and still hungry. If I go a day eating very little, it seems to get better, then the process starts up slowly again with the first meal I have. This nausea sometimes then turns into a feeling like my stomach and intestines are in spasm. It's not painful (yet) but certainly uncomfortable and scary. Nothing really helps this, not even pepto. Usually it's worse after lunch and dinner and if it's still bad by bedtime, resolves by the time I wake up. Oddly enough, when I'm not nauseous, my appetite is still intact.

GI's done some testing (blood work, hpylori, endoscopy, colonoscopy, abdominal ultrasound, even a stress test) and all looks good except a bit of scarring in my stomach - not sure from what, no idea how old it is, plus he noticed a slight acid reflux, which was a surprise too. I've never really had intestinal trouble in my life - my symptoms pre gluten-free were neuro, dizziness, which I don't seem to be having now unless my stomach is really upset. I thought I had the answer a couple weeks ago when I realized that the Burt's Bees lip gloss I wear has soybean oil in it. I stopped using it but no decrease in symptoms (and my lips are chapped!!!!)

Does anyone else have experience with intestinal spasms? Is this what others call bloating? It literally feels like someone is twisting my insides, starting with my stomach, then the sensation usually moves into my intestines.

Also, does anyone know if "scarring" found in my stomach could spontaneously be causing the onset of any of this? I can see it causing nausea perhaps, but intestinal spasms? Could it be interfering with my digestive process further down the line? Could slight acid reflux cause this?

GI prescribed Prilosec for acid reflux but it really didn't do anything to help and I have to go back in a couple weeks. After all these tests, I can't help thinking it's something simple. Perhaps a new food intolerance?

Any ideas or similar experience is appreciated.

Sounds a lot like my daughter, non-celiac gluten intolerant. She had major knife like chronic pain in her stomach which lessened considerably with gluten-free diet, an anti-spasmodic and low dose anti-depressant. What has never disappeared completely is the nausea. Sometimes it lessens during the day as she eats, but it is always present in the morning, and frequently awakens her at night. She takes generic zofran as needed, but it still doesn't stop it. We are trying to figure out if there are other food intolerances besides gluten and dairy. I'll be interested to hear how you make out.

In Topic: Jail/prison

13 October 2011 - 02:54 PM

My DD asked me an interesting q today to which I couldn't answer. So I will ask you all here. If someone with celiac goes to jail or prison will they be given gluten-free foods or do they get what everyone gets? And if they are given gluten-free foods, are precautions taken to avoid cc?
Eager to read any answers.

I work for the Department of Corrections in my state....no gluten free diet, no exceptions.

In Topic: Chronic Nausea

09 October 2011 - 07:29 PM

Nearest we can tell, she is gluten free - shampoo, toothpaste, makeup, shower soap, medication...have no reason for the gastric dumping, no surgeries, gall bladder fine, all vitamin levels good, a lot of work for someone who was not diagnosed with celiac. Her doc is stumped by the unrelenting nausea. We are eliminating corn syrup and sugar. I am worried because her intense workouts begin this week. She frequently "bottoms out" in the middle of a workout. Trying to find something for her to eat mid-workout that won't make her throw up!. Thanks for any advice.

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