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Member Since 11 Oct 2011
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#796593 Doctors Still Not Diagnosing Me, Need Advice!

Posted by on 18 May 2012 - 03:23 AM

Personally, if the docs willing to do blood tests and I'd only been gluten-free for 2 weeks, I'd go back on gluten and get tested and I'd make sure the doc runs a full celiac panel not just tTg or EMA (ask for total IGA and dgp too). Then, if tests come back negative I'd go gluten-free for a few months (strictly and consistently)and take copious notes about what I eat, when, and symptoms. Actually, I'd be taking copious notes now too with gluten added back in. Then show that info to the doc.

I tested neg. But, I was able to demonstrate to my doc how much worse my symptoms were with gluten (I showed her tallies of how many days of headaches, bloating, canker sores, w/ gluten vs w/out gluten). That was enough for her to change my "diagnosis" from IBS to NCGS.
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#790598 Work Dinner

Posted by on 25 April 2012 - 03:17 AM

That's awful and you shouldn't be made to feel that way. A suggestion I have is to find out ahead of time where you are dining and call them the day of your dinner. Ask to speak to the manager and explain that you have a wheat allergy (more people understand the concept of allergy) and ask what they can do for you or tell them what you wi be ordering and ask that they give special attention to the prep of your food. Then when you arrive quietly alert the hostess or server who you are and that you called. While in no way ideal and you shouldn't have to go to these lengths it may be a way to do what you need to do to appease your jerk of a boss.

I did this for a very important business dinner where I didn't want to be seen as being difficult or picky and the restaurant was great to work with.
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#785679 Celiac In The Real World

Posted by on 06 April 2012 - 08:03 AM

You said you are student teaching and eating at the school cafeteria is that correct? Can you prepare your own lunch and bring it? I would think that is safest. Could you supplement some cafeteria food with your own or stick to things that come individually packaged like fruit (things with peels like banana, orange), single serve fruit or applesauce cups, cheese sticks (if you can do dairy), yogurt, nuts? My guess is the cafeteria food isn't all that tasty anyway.
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#785663 Teeth Cleaning At Dentist's

Posted by on 06 April 2012 - 07:12 AM

At my last cleaning my hygienist used just ground pumice and water. It's not flavored and really like having your teeth cleaned with chalk, but I could at least rest easy knowing it was gluten-free. Otherwise they use a "sand blast" type instrument and she wasn't sure if the starchy material (Cavitron Jet Fresh Densply) had gluten or not. I've tried contacting Cavitron about it and have never gotten a reply to phone or email inquiries.
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#747616 Cookies Have A Bitter/metallic/salty Taste. What Is It?

Posted by on 14 November 2011 - 05:16 PM

I'm new to gluten-free eating. I discovered a place in town that does gluten-free baking and pizza. I bought half moon cookies (black/white) there today to surprise DH and my kids with how good gluten-free treats can taste. Well, they were disgusting. The kids spit them out. DH and I tasted a bitter, I guess metallic type flavor. Dh thought maybe it was too much baking soda. But I'm wondering if a type of flour substitute, xantham gum or other type of gluten-free sub would cause this. Is this a common side effect in gluten-free baking or just an isolated thing, perhaps a mistake? Gosh I would've hated to have brought these to a party to share they were that bad.
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#747098 What Could've Made Me Feel So Bad?

Posted by on 13 November 2011 - 06:49 AM

Tell us how those waffles were fixed???

Hope you feel better fast....

Well, now that you ask I'm guessing there's a high chance of CC as the rest of the household isn't gluten-free (plastic mixing bowl, plastic measuring cups, etc). I guess I wasn't thinking that I could be that sensitive to CC, especially if I'm not celiac. But that's gotta be it. Bah humbug.
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