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In Topic: How Many Of Us Assume A Gfd Will Fix It?

05 December 2012 - 08:19 AM

I worded that previous post wrong, I meant to say it feels like someone putting their fist through my upper belly into my midback, not my butt, it extends right along the rib cage on the right. I have had a look at my back as the source which was unremarkable with exception of slight thoracic deg. disc at age 42. They even tried to do some steroid back injections with no improvement on three different sets of injections. It feels like it is coming through my gut and then making my midback and ribs very painful. I have even questioned the GI doc about sphincter of Oddi dysfunction, but he say no as my labs are normal. The sucky thing is that almost all pain meds give me such a headache like a bad hangover that it is not worth it to stay on them, or at least I have not been able to find anything to give me relief

In Topic: How Many Of Us Assume A Gfd Will Fix It?

05 December 2012 - 07:30 AM

I really do not eat any spicy or acidic foods, I have had PH probe testing acid and they say everything is fine, this doesnt really burn , it is like someone is putting their fist in my but and I have extreme mid back pain into my right flank, gallbladder is out, last EGD 6 months ago they say is OK, pain is incredible, constant, relentless pressure twisting sensation. Worse than 16 broken bones that I have had in my life, if that puts it at a level. No diarrhea, bowels pretty normal, doesn't feel like a crampy upset stomach

In Topic: How Many Of Us Assume A Gfd Will Fix It?

05 December 2012 - 06:10 AM

I have not posted anything in quite awhile, I guess I just need to vent again. I am have been looking for that miracle of health for 1 1/2 years and according to Gi doc, he really doesnt know why I feel no better. I have been strictly gluten free for this time frame, and according to my last few sets of labs my TTG Iga has been back to normal and my biopsies are normal, at best the only thing that has improved is maybe some bloating, but I still have 24/7 deep aching in my upper adbomen that feels like a constant knot. It hurts so bad that most days I have a hard time functioning and maintaining my job, and pain radiating straight through into my back, and now daily joint pain. Almost feels like someone is pushing their fist into my upper gut or twisting it??
Anyone else with these symptoms? My bloating seems to intensify at times, but the pain in relentless. I have had nearly every scan, xray, 24 hour probe etc. and find it hard to believe that it is related to food ingestion of other intolerances as when I limit them or stop them, it never goes away, it is almost like my gut is permanently damaged, but according to EGD it has healed on biopsy and labs are normal??
I don't get it at all. Still desperate for any type of answer.
Any input would again be helpful? I can't honestly somedays imagine that I can continue to live like this for much longer

In Topic: Intestinal Pain Radiating/referred Pain To Back Pain?

10 September 2012 - 08:29 AM

I have not been taking either. Guess I have been reluctant to add another variable to the mix, maybe it is something I should consider, honestly most days I feel so ill I have a hard time even thinking. I guess I am frustrated with why this has been such a long process, especially if my celiac disease according to the GI doc has healed.

In Topic: Intestinal Pain Radiating/referred Pain To Back Pain?

10 September 2012 - 05:13 AM

I have not posted for some time out of frustration with my ongoing issues. I have been gluten free now for over a year with virtually no improvement in any of my symptoms with the exception of bloating and belching. My pain from day one has been through into my mid back and around into my rib cage, even in the past year prompting my gallbladder removal and a recent exploratory surgery. I am also developing joint pain in the knees and hands, but the mid back pain is crippling. Everyday I feel like I have the worlds worst hangover with a headache, severe malaise and slight nausea and disabling fatigue, yet I cannot sleep worth a damn. To my knowledge I am not getting cross contaminated, and really doubt that it is related to this as I really have never felt well even after starting a gluten free diet. In addition all of my markers TTG, and biopsy have returned to normal according to GI doc. I have a positive ANA 1 :160 titer, but they feel this is just incidental. Many days like today I literally feel as if I am going to die, and it scares me to think my wife will end up finding me dead somewhere. I have exhausted nearly every option I can think of, my GI doc is "an expert" in celiac disease and has no explanation as to why I still have horrendous pain. Maybe celiac disease does permanent damage to your spine and joints? I figured I would be better by now.
Anyone else have any similar story or answers?? I just want my life back so badly and am barely hanging on by a thread.

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