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In Topic: Carnival Cruise Gluten Free Experience

21 July 2015 - 02:22 AM

Sorry I never came back and replied.  We had a very successful cruise.   I never did get to try the deli station, and the manager was extremely helpful showing me items that were safe and getting me set up for the first night to insure I had gluten free dinner.  
I ate breakfast in the main dining area several days, but some days it was just impossible to get in there and off the boat in time for excursions, so I ate at the buffet, they always had a gluten free bread at the buffet, which I didn't try but it was the same I had for dinner those nights.  It was made from Polenta....weird I know, but it was pretty darn good.   Anyway the breakfast buffet had hard boiled eggs that were not peeled and fruit and yogurt and cottage cheese....a omelet station that only made omelets, so the risk there was minimal.  

Lunch we were either not on the boat or just not that hungry so I only had the taco station, I would take my own bowl and everything they had there was gluten free if not in the soft shell.   Worked perfect for me. 


Dinners - since I seen the menu the night before I offered to "sell" the list to my fellow table mates, no one took me up on it, but we did get a good laugh.  Only once did they come back and tell me what I choose they could not do gluten free and it was a dessert, everything else was no problem and everything was very good.  


In Topic: B12 Injections

30 June 2015 - 03:44 AM

I started out weekly for 8 weeks then monthly and have been doing that for 2 years.  My B-12 was 192 when I started and with last blood work almost 6 months ago I am barely 400.  I can tell when I am due my shot by my body not a calendar, and would love to go to every two weeks, but my dr will not let me.  I did take a 6 month break to see if my body could maintain my B12 and it could not.   


My only piece of advise is whatever you do DO NOT have your blood drawn close after just getting your B12 shot, do it a few days prior to receiving it.   It will skew your numbers if you have a new shot in your system.  

In Topic: Help, Please! I Don't Know How To Eat Out Or If I Can?

30 June 2015 - 03:16 AM

We travel a lot, and this is something we really enjoy.   When I was diagnosed I didn’t want this disease to define me and or control my life and I decided then I would not change this aspect of my life.  In fact I was diagnosed in August/September and had a vacation booked for October.   In all my trips I have been glutened once.    That  first October trip.   Here is what I do, this works for me, but everything is a personal choice for everyone, so someone else may not do it this way. 


I go online to Tripadvisor and Find Me gluten free and google “gluten free in *Ussomewhere*”  then I look at their menus online.  I contact everyone I am interested in via email and specifically ask at that time if the “Chicken and rice” or whatever I think I would like is gluten free and then more specific questions about preparation area and things. 


I then print those and carry them with me on my trip, now I have choices, I know who and where around the area and I ask to speak to the person who sent me the email.


This has worked for me all over the US as well as Aruba, but I have not been anywhere else.  

Only once have I done all that and then when I arrived the person on the email wasn’t there and the manager on duty was CLUELESS.  Told me to just avoid pasta and bread….I did get up and leave that  restaurant.  

In Topic: Most Ridiculous Gluten Comment I've Heard

27 May 2015 - 10:24 AM

While out of town I went to a restaurant I had researched online to not only have gluten free options but good comments from people who had eaten gluten free there.  When we entered  I asked for a gluten free menu, the hostess told me the manager would come to our table.   Great!   Until she got there, she asked if I had anything other than gluten I could not eat, then proceeded to tell me I could not have the pasta dishes, anything breaded, any of the their bread items or any fried items.....duh????   Guess she though I said this was my first day gluten free??????? :wacko:


She could not answer any of the questions I had about other items on the menu, like the seasoning on the steak, or the salad dressings.   Needless to say we left.  

In Topic: Carnival Cruise Gluten Free Experience

26 May 2015 - 04:21 AM

Thank you so much!   This information will really help.   We just returned from a very successful week in Branson MO.   But restaurants are easy to research, cruising is different.   I am excited.     I will report back on the sandwich station after I return.  

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