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#929378 Flying And Travelling With Celiac And Hotels, Etc

Posted by on 03 September 2014 - 06:56 AM

I travel quit a bit, out of the country only to Aruba and Mexico which is a pretty short flight.  But whenever I fly in the country I always take nuts, go picnic meals, or Snyders pretzel sticks and the individual "bowls" of Peanut butter.    Those types of things always make it through security in my carry on.   For my checked luggage (probably the only reason I have to check luggage)  I pack cheese that doesn't need to be refriderated, skinny cow or something like that, crunchmaster crackers, pepperoni and things I can open and refriderate when I arrive, individual bags of instant gluten free oatmeal work great for hotels.      In the grocery store of other countries I only found fresh meat, fruit and veggies to be reliable, everything else was usually written in something I couldn't read, so I didn't take a chance on anything.     Personaly I don't travel with a crockpot, or hot plate or anything like that I do a lot of research and send emails to restaurants asking all the questions I can and I take that email printed and aske to speak to the person who answered me if I need to.    If I don't have time to research that is trickier.   

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#910749 Pediatric Tsh Values

Posted by on 29 March 2014 - 12:20 PM

Children's range for TSH are the same as an adult. A good endocrinologist will agree that that number should be 3.0 or less. My son has been on meds since he was 5 and feels best at 2.5. And it was obvious to us as well as the dr' so that is where they keep him ( he will be 17 next week). I was told as well as read on a mayo clinic website at the time he was starting all this that the lab places those ranges based on the last "x" number of tests average. I would ask for a referral to a pediatric endo and ask that they also test TPO, an thyroid test for hoshimotos autoimmune thyroid disease.
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#888399 Celiac Specialist In Jacksonville, Fl (Not At Mayo)

Posted by on 14 September 2013 - 11:10 AM

Borland-Groover Clinic in St. Augustine. Dr. Pineau or a female there, Dr. Hoogerwerf are both great, there is a Borland-Groover in Jacksonville too, but I have no experience with the doctors.
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#840696 Hair Dye Products

Posted by on 03 December 2012 - 11:58 AM

Dermatitis herpetiformis (DH) is not a skin allergy. Rather, DH is a chronic, extremely itchy rash consisting of papules and vesicles. Although it is often confused with skin allergies, it is actually associated with Celiac Disease (celiac disease), a sensitivity of the intestine to gluten foods in the diet. celiac disease is also not a foold allergy, but rather a disease of the intestines.

This was taken directly from the Asthma and Allergy Foundations webpage and is the same answer I reiceived when I went to the dermatologist for my DH. If you are having a skin reaction to Gluten, it is possible it is an allergy, but if it is blistery and itchey and confirmed to be DH then it is not an allergy it is a reaction to the gluten and you must eliminate it not only in your diet but in your topicial products as well. I wish it was an allergy, then I could just pop a Claritin or Zyrtec or one of those other fancy allergies meds and get on with my day.

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#836449 Sciatica

Posted by on 14 November 2012 - 11:12 AM

I have been gluten free just over a year and have several other autoimmune diseases as well, but about 3 months ago I had terrible issues with sciatic, I went to a chiroprator and added stretches and even was haveing deep tissue massage. I was getting very little if any relief, but my chiro is the lead dr on a Fibromyalga board so he had a lot of experience with autoimmune. He reminded me that we are extra prone to inflamation, and it doesn't always have to be something that we eat, although your sensitivies will be the first to set it off. I started to see someone (Chiropractor) that does Active Release Technique therapy and after 3 15 minute sessions I was pain free. After 4, I spent 12 hours walking a theme park. He too said this is from imflamation and said that sciatic can cause nerve entrapment. I don't know how many dr's do this, but I having been telling the world as I truley believe I still would not be able to walk upright and would still be in pain almost every day if not for this guy.
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#815115 Question For Those Of You That Have Dh That Is In Remission, Healed, Cleared....

Posted by on 31 July 2012 - 04:20 PM

When I went to my dermo he said that for at least two years I would have some outbreaks that would appear for no apparent reason and also that I may be hyper sensative to things for that time as well. My question is I seem to now be reacting to something else (probably Iodine since I also have Hoshimoto's, and research shows this too is an issue) does that two year mark start over every time I have an outbreak or flare? I just keep thinking oh great now I have to eliminate something else and start all over, then I will probably find out I have another intolerance (corn, soy) and then the process will then start over again.

I am considerably better since going gluten free and making sure all my heath and beauty products were gluten free as well, so I probably shouldn't complain, but I am tired of trying to figure this out all the time.
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#761043 Gluten Free Shampoo

Posted by on 31 December 2011 - 05:16 AM

Hi everybody...
I'm quite new to this, but it bothers me that everyone seems concerned with ingestion only...when talking shampoo, but if everything I've read so far talks about wheat contamination and so on...what about absorbsion?
can't it be absorbed into your skin? why isn't anyone conserned about that!? We just bought this lovely bottle of Nexxus at Cosco...My family loved it. Everyone liked the way thier hair felt...except me!I was ok at first... then my hair just went limp and raggy,dirty looking within an hour(sorta wilted). I wasn't feeling that great either...then my 12 yr old pointed out that it had (Wheat) in the ingreadiance(I hadn't thought to look..being new at this, but he did...great kid!!!)
Also in the past I have mysterous tender sopots in my scalp(like bad sun burn without the sun burn!) I'm wondering if its ben shampoo related all along (and no...I ussreally don't get shampoo in my mouth) but notice my arms and back itch alot after shampooing!
Thats what I have to say about that!
So what does anybody hear about panteane??? I know the ingreadiants have changed over the years...several times...but I just bought some and couldn't find wheat on there any where..is it under a differant name? someone mentioned on a past blog that it had gluten( I read this after googling the question this morning and this cite popped up!)
This cite has been heaven sent by the way...thats why I desided to join!!!


I think you are very right, I like to use Benedryl as an example, the bottle says right on it not to use it on the skin if you are also ingesting another form, and every dr out there will tell you the same thing. Yet those same doctors will tell you that gluten in your beauty products will have no affect. Realy? Also most facial products claim that they are "healing" your acne/roseca making your skin healthier etc....well if that is true it is being absorbed.
I have to admit though one of my symptoms is DH so as soon as I use a product that has any form of gluten in it the rash that covers my body is worse than another other symptom I have.
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