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Member Since 17 Oct 2011
Offline Last Active Apr 25 2012 09:49 AM

Topics I've Started

How Do I Enlighten Hubs To Emotional Problems

10 December 2011 - 02:11 AM

First, I am sorry if this is on the site and I couldn't find it.

My DH has been very supportive of me going gluten free. He actually works at PF CHangs part time and knows about CC and knew a bit about the problems. Once I approached it as a potential problem, he was like 'I can see that...". However, I don't think he recognizes the emotional problems that can come from that. From me being glutened or me still recovering. I understand that is a much more difficult area to show. Emotional/personality changes are not something I initally thought of or recognized. However, I have done my research and understand a lot more now. He does not spend much time on the computer and is not research minded like I am. Does anyone have any tips of how I can bring up the topic and have some valid proof to back it up? He has never out right said that these problems are not valid, but he does appreciate valid sources.

Thank You Everyone!

10 December 2011 - 01:16 AM

I just want to thank everyone that takes their time out of their lives for this forum. I know a lot of people, myself included, come here for information. That would never work if there wasn't such dedicated and nice people to share their information (probably over and over). I have had a really bad day today (not gluten related as far as I know), but just being able to read posts and information has kept me sane. There are no words to show my gratitude. :)

Best Friend Making Fun Of Me?

08 December 2011 - 01:22 PM

Any thoughts/experiences appreciated. I canít work through my brain how to deal with this situationÖ

One of my friends for years started dating a friend of my husband and me. My husband now works for this guy. DH told me that my best friend has been making fun of me due to being gluten free. Which of course this was told to him by our mutual friend. We became friends with this guy at the same time and he is an equal friend of us both. However, he is a guy. I donít know exactly what he said and I donít know if what he said was what my friend has actually been doing/saying. He could be exaggerating or taking it out of perspective. I donít know if it was a onetime joke or a regular occurrence.

Anyway, I donít know how I should handle it. I know if I confront her about it, she will know that her boyfriend told my husband, and that will cause problems for them. Part of me doesnít really care if that causes them problems, since if their relationship canít handle that then they have no business being together. At the same time, that causes problems for us and also I respect guy talk to an extent. On the other hand, I canít imagine continuing our friendship as is without saying something. It really, really bothers me, which makes me think I need to talk to her about it. I can deal with most people making fun of me over gluten free, but never expected my best friend to do so. I canít understand why she canít see the positive effect it has had on my life. Itís not something that I talk about all the time and try not to let it affect others, so I donít think she can be annoyed by it.

The day after I found out, Monday, I wrote her long email, but not to send. It made me feel better for awhile, but now, I am back to being completely unsure of what I want to do. I was really hoping to be over it and move forward. Hoping that it wasnít that big of a deal and that I can judge the type of friend she is based off of her past, present and future. After all, I am sure I have made fun of her about something before. Hopefully, nothing important like health. Speaking of, she has 2 autoimmune diseases, one being psoriasis (which is all over her legs) the other alopecia areata (so she has had different periods of bald patches on head, eyebrows and eyelashes). I would think she would have some understanding, but maybe since gluten problems are not always seen on the outside she doesnít understand it.

I donít want to continue a friendship with someone that makes fun of me, but I donít really think I can judge if she is truly doing this based off of what I heard. Any thoughts or experiences would be appreciated. I kind of feel I am being too sensitive, but then I go back to I donít want a friend who isnít truly a friend. Thanks in advance!

Oh and I have only been gluten free for roughly two months.

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