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In Topic: Gaps Diet--Thoughts? Challenges? Suggestions?

23 November 2011 - 12:39 PM

Are you preparing food for more than just yourself (i.e. kids, significant other)? If so I have some suggestions. :)

No, I'm cooking for myself--my household is not gluten-free. However, if I could cook up some delicious GAPS food, anyone will eat it--they don't care!--and it's easier to cook for a few than to cook for 1. So if you have suggestions, lay them on me! One of the biggest barriers I have faced is that I don't know how to cook, and I have multiple intolerances, plus severe reactive hypoglycemia, so I have to eat high-protein foods every 2 hours. This makes GAPS rather scary. I'm starting to learn and having fun, but I go hungry a lot because I really don't know how to do this yet. Every weekend I try a new recipe (or 2!). I'm determined, so I'll get there!

In Topic: Gaps Diet--Thoughts? Challenges? Suggestions?

23 November 2011 - 07:30 AM

Wow, very informative. Thank you Skylark! I'll read the GAPS book right away.

In Topic: Sibo And Probiotics: Good Or Bad?

22 November 2011 - 02:10 PM

Thank you! This is so helpful. I will call my GI and ask them if they ran these tests--they collected samples several times, but I don't know for sure which panels they used. I'll request another test if needed. Thank you!

In Topic: Gaps Diet--Thoughts? Challenges? Suggestions?

22 November 2011 - 02:06 PM

Skylark, thanks for the feedback! I'm already spending a lot of time cooking, so that will be ok. I rather like the idea of having meals prepared for the week, anyway. I had been concerned about the cost, given that cooking gluten/dairy/nightshade free has already been somewhat cost-prohibitive, so it's helpful to know what to plan for. I'm not sure whether GAPS or SCD is better--or paleo? When you're talking about so much effort and money, it seems like a major decision! But thank you for the info, it gets me one step closer to a decision.

In Topic: When You First Went Gluten Free, Did You Lose Weight?

25 October 2011 - 06:58 AM

Went gluten-free in July and have dropped nearly 20 lbs--before that I had been steadily gaining weight because I was so sick and wasn't active at all. I think I have gained muscle mass as well because I'm able to do yoga again and move around a bit. I am worried about falling underweight now though--I'm always starving, and I can't eat much because I have hypo and a nightshade intolerance, too. Pretty limiting. I think the weight loss is partially just from those restrictions, I can't just grab a snack off the shelf or drive through McDonald's. But I've wondered whether it is also related to some other changes in my body (absorption, reduced swelling, etc). The reduction in abdominal swelling was the first thing I noticed, I dropped a full pant size in a very short period of time, but I'm also losing weight and dropped almost another full pant size since then. I feel like a skeleton!

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