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Member Since 20 Oct 2011
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#740810 Super-Sensitives--How Often Do You Get Glutened?

Posted by on 22 October 2011 - 06:54 AM

I removed gluten from my diet in July and have felt so much better, and then all of a sudden I get sick. I'll stay sick for about a week, and then I feel better again--and then BAM. Sick again. It's been difficult to discern whether this is due to residual damage (my gut hasn't had time to heal), or whether I'm dealing with super sensitivity. I have had some obvious glutenings (off-brand tylenol, for instance), but other times it's not so clear where it's coming from. Not to mention they haven't been able to confirm my diagnosis yet, so I still always question in the back of my mind whether gluten-free is even the issue for me. Very frustrating! It is true that the more processed foods I eat, labeled gluten-free or not, I end up sick in the end. I had some Seeds of Change Quinoa the other day, no gluten ingredients, but got so sick. I looked up their gluten statement, and sure enough, they don't clean their lines between batches. So I guess that was it. But then I think, could it have been the gluten-free rice crispies I ate? Or maybe someone double-dipped in my PB jar at work? Could it be the scratched non-stick pans in my kitchen at home, which I share with gluten-eaters? It's so scary to think about all of the possibilities. I guess eliminating processed foods for a while and then putting them back in one at a time is probably the best way to go!
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#740443 Gut Healing Support

Posted by on 20 October 2011 - 04:47 PM

what can I do to improve the gut-healing process? I don't necessarily want to speed it up (I can be patient), but I want to know how best to support it. My doctors aren't any help in this area. I went gluten-free in July, but since then I've found gluten in OTC's I was taking, plus cross-contamination episodes. So I probably have only been gluten-free for a few weeks at this point (how frustrating!!). What can I do to help my gut heal? Do I need to remove dairy? I am severely hypoglycemic (reactive, need a lot of protein and low carbs), iron-deficient anemic, malabsorption/malnourished, and losing weight faster than I'm comfortable with. I'm hungry all the time and don't want to take dairy out of my diet if I can avoid it. What else can I do? Probiotics/Enzymes? What kinds and how much? What kind of practitioner should I seek out for help locally--Naturopathic? Kinesiologist? Thank you!
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