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Member Since 20 Oct 2011
Offline Last Active Apr 10 2012 08:36 AM

Topics I've Started

Sibo And Probiotics: Good Or Bad?

22 November 2011 - 07:38 AM

I suspect I may have SIBO or a yeast overgrowth, but I have yet to be tested (scheduled for early 2012). My doctor told me to go on probiotics to help the healing process. I've done so, but I'm concerned about whether I should be taking them if I do have SIBO. Does anyone know the impact of probiotics on SIBO? Either way, should I also be taking enzymes? Thank you!

Gaps Diet--Thoughts? Challenges? Suggestions?

22 November 2011 - 07:30 AM

I'm considering embarking on the GAPS diet for gut-healing. I have developed multiple intolerances and still have many flare-ups--I never know if it's residual gut damage/antibodies or CC (I've only been gluten-free since July). In either case, I'm thinking I need to do something more intensive and I'm considering GAPS. What are your experiences with GAPS? What challenges did you face? What methods made things easier? Did you stick to the full diet plan?

Dairy Cheat?

16 November 2011 - 12:31 PM

I've been gluten-free since July. Since then I discovered a nightshade intolerance and removed all nightshades from my diet (strictly). Because my recovery has been a little slow, I'm starting to cut out dairy and other inflammatory foods, but I haven't been super strict about it. There's not question I have flare-ups when I eat a lot of dairy, but a little doesn't seem to have that big of an impact (maybe a little discomfort for a couple of hours). How far does it set me back to eat inflammatory foods in general, especially dairy? Do I have to cut it out entirely--no exceptions--for the effort to have an impact on my healing process? thanks!

Gut Healing Support

20 October 2011 - 04:47 PM

what can I do to improve the gut-healing process? I don't necessarily want to speed it up (I can be patient), but I want to know how best to support it. My doctors aren't any help in this area. I went gluten-free in July, but since then I've found gluten in OTC's I was taking, plus cross-contamination episodes. So I probably have only been gluten-free for a few weeks at this point (how frustrating!!). What can I do to help my gut heal? Do I need to remove dairy? I am severely hypoglycemic (reactive, need a lot of protein and low carbs), iron-deficient anemic, malabsorption/malnourished, and losing weight faster than I'm comfortable with. I'm hungry all the time and don't want to take dairy out of my diet if I can avoid it. What else can I do? Probiotics/Enzymes? What kinds and how much? What kind of practitioner should I seek out for help locally--Naturopathic? Kinesiologist? Thank you!

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