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Member Since 12 May 2005
Offline Last Active Jun 15 2006 02:09 AM

Topics I've Started

Gerd Op

30 May 2006 - 06:02 AM

Saw my GI today for a follow up after my gastroscopy and colonoscopy.

Been on Pantoloc for 6 weeks for my ulcers but now he wants me to have the op for GERD - laparoscopic and also to remove a hernia at the same time.

Has anyone had this op? Did it help at all?

My gastric symptoms have cleared up dramatically since I went on the Pantoloc. So much so that I though I would try eating gluten again. HAH! No such luck. GI told me to give up and just accept that I am gluten intolerant. There was no villi damage to suggest celiac disease but then I've been gluten free for over a year. My arms are killing me from eating a bit of gluten!

Not sure whether to have this op or not so any advice would be welcome! :)


Need Your Expert Advice Again!

07 April 2006 - 04:05 AM

Hi guys, need some help please.

Next week I've been gluten-free for a year. Positive changes - not ONE incidence of cold or flu (which was a monthly thing), no more sinus, ear or throat infections, depression/anxiety gone completely.

Negative changes - intolerant to just about everything I put in my mouth still after all this time. Driving me nuts, still very bloated a lot of the time. Sore arms often - right now for instance! Still chronically constipated - major problem for me. Wake up with yellow eyes and face - told I have very elevated liver enzymes. Homeopath said its Gilbert's. Still very tired all the time.

I do not have a "proper" diagnosis. I thought I was ok with that after a year but I'm not. Saw a specialist last year who wanted to do a biopsy. I cancelled because I had just lost my little brother. I was originally diagnosed via the BEST system which is bio-energetic stress testing. I had blood tests but I had already been gluten free for 6 weeks and they came back negative.

I have made an appointment to see a different GI on Tuesday next week. Now I know I will have to do a gluten challenge for blood tests and/or biopsy - if he takes me seriously that is!

I am petrified of eating gluten again. The smallest amount affects me now. Did my own gluten challenge 6 months ago and was as sick as a dog for 10 days.

I honestly think it would be easier for me to stay off gluten forever with a proper medical diagnosis. I also need to know what is causing my other ongoing problems - whether its just leaky gut or whatever.

Do you guys think I should go ahead with the testing?

Sorry its so long!


From Flat To 6 Months Pregnant ....

17 March 2006 - 02:42 AM

I am slowly but surely trying to figure out all my intolerances. Off dairy at the moment to see if it will help with my chronic C.

I have noticed in the past that I get incredibly bloated immediately after eating lentils or any beans. Well just had lunch - I had aduki/azuki bean stew - just the beans, carrots, onions, garlic & herbs with millet mash (millet and cauliflower mashed). Now my stomach is HUGE and I have an ache in my bowel.

I am very intolerant to rice. Now I am wondering - is it the legumes & beans? Does this perhaps mean I have a problem with lectins? I thought it was nightshades for a while, maybe all grains ...... gosh this is so frustrating.

I AM SO CONFUSED!!!! Can anyone shed some light?


Think Its The Darn Lipstick!

13 March 2006 - 01:02 AM

Well guys, this forum has been my lifeline this last year. But I must admit I thought changing make-up etc. was really going to the extreme.

This last month my arms have been aching constantly - I mean 24/7. Sore arms is a sure sign I have been glutened. I have gone over and over everything I've eaten and was flummoxed. Then last week reading through posts I came across the make-up issue again.

Sooooo I checked my lipstick - a MAC lustre that I had bought a month ago. Yup around the same time my arms started aching. Couldn't get hold of MAC through email so off I went to the store yesterday and asked to see a box with the ingredients and lo and behold - WHEAT!

So I bought an Almay one after reading the ingredients AND getting the salesgirl to double check. So now I'm waiting to see if my arms get better.

If thats what it is - I am so converted :) and apologise for doubting. I just never thought I was that sensitive. I do lick my lips an awful lot.

Can anyone help me with chapstick. South Africa is so behind in these things and its incredibly difficult for me to get info. I am using a Vitamin E stick right now but we don't have a lot of choice out here either.



Sorry - Another Stupid Question!

13 March 2006 - 12:49 AM

Hi guys,

So I started keeping a food diary a month ago. I also cut out dairy for 2 weeks. Haven't noticed much difference except maybe my bloating has been less. Friday I had cows milk in my coffee, within a minute my stomach started rumbling and I got some really "pleasant" wind! :P So Saturday I tried some fudge containing milk solids - exactly same reaction. So just to make sure :lol: I had a chocolate mousse - exact same reaction!

So I ate a bit of extra mature cheddar cheese next day - nothing! So whats the deal? I can't have cows milk but ok with cheese or just avoid the whole lot. Actually didn't find it toooooo difficult avoiding dairy. Much to my surprise! Mind you, I would do practically anything to avoid bloating.

Still can't eat any "substantial food". Made some entirely gluten-free cottage pie on the weekend. Used rice milk in the mash potatoes. Boated up like a beached whale. Ate it again a day later - same thing. I did put a bit of grated cheese on the top which may have had something to do with it but its more likely it was mixing protein and carbs. My body does NOT like that. Bummer - I enjoyed it though :lol:

Please help with this dairy issue - confused as usual!!


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