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In Topic: 'dedicated' Fast Food Fryers

29 May 2013 - 04:09 AM

I recently watched a so called dedicated fryer get cross contaminated in a fast food restaurant that many with Celiac disease trust. I was so disappointed!! This was my one spot I thought I could eat at.

How safe is it really for those of us with Celac disease to eat out? Cross contamination is a big issue unless the restaurant is totally gluten free.

In Topic: Five Guys

28 May 2013 - 06:21 PM

I just thought I'd write in with a little counterpoint here. We all have to make our own decisions but what you described is exactly why I am willing to occasionally eat at places like Five Guys. I can watch everything they do and I am not afraid to refuse food or carefully explain why and how I need them to remake it. I have never had to ask for a refund, and while they may grumble about me when I leave I also don't get sick.
Also, Five Guys in particular varies wildly. We have one near us that has someone who declares an allergy alert and they all spring into action freeing one person up to make my meal so that they don't have to keep changing gloves. Another I have to watch like hawk because they have put a bun out for mine. (And I have to get them to replace the foil and change their gloves.. )
Needless to say I reward the good location with my business.. Which results in them getting the business of my friends too usually.
None of this is to blame you for your decision, which I probably would have made in your shoes, but just to provide a counterpoint that not all is necessarily hopeless everywhere and forever. :-)

I understand your counterpoint and that is one of the reasons that I made the conscious decision to eat at Five Guys. Until my most recent experience. In spite of my telling the cashier of my "allergy", in spite of telling the employee doing the cross contaminating, THIS particular Five Guys restaurant employees were obviously not properly educated and/or trained.

And the same person/manager runs 11 more. : (. Which ones and are the employees of those being trained and educated similar to the one I had the bad experience with?

Cross contamination is a big issue for those of us with Celiac disease. And handling the buns (putting them on the grill) and then reaching into the bag of uncooked french fries with the same gloves is a source of cross contamination for the fryer and it's entire contents. It didn't stop there, she wrapped the burgers with buns, handled the condiments and placed the uncooked burgers on their dedicated grill. Everything in the area IS cross contaminated unless it is thoroughly cleaned.

Can fast food chains really be "gluten free"? It seems that some are jumping on the gluten free band wagon without really taking the time to make sure that is actually happening by educating and training employees BEFORE they start working. Also, how can they possibly make sure that employees are actually implementing the education and training while working? All it takes is one untrained employee handling the buns and then putting fries in the fryer.

There is a thread on here about dedicated fryers. Well worth the read.

In Topic: Five Guys Burgers And Fries

28 May 2013 - 09:14 AM

Cross contamination is an issue with Five Guys.  I recently had a bad experience where one untrained, uneducated employee contaminated the "dedicated" fryers when she put buns on the "dedicated" grill and then used the same gloved hands to reach into the bag of fries and put them in the fryer.  She touched the condiments, wrapped burgers (with buns) with those same gloved hands.  She was trying to do it all by herself, I guess. 


I alerted them of my allergy (I actually have Celiac disease) and even went so far as to ask her to please change her gloves after touching the buns.  She did, for a while. 


Sad, but I won't be eating at a Five Guys anytime soon.

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