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In Topic: Blood Test Negative...so I Guess It's Ncgs?

15 February 2014 - 09:10 AM

I completed an 8-week gluten challenge and had bloodwork done last week. The lab contacted me today and said my results were negative - no Celiac. However, my results from EnteroLab last month indicated a gluten sensitivity, and I know that gluten affects me. For example, by week seven of my gluten challenge, I was having terrible joint pain in my left hand and wrist; I could barely grip or pick anything up because it hurt so much. I stopped eating gluten five days ago, on Sunday, and by Tuesday night, the pain had completely disappeared. It's gotta be because of the (lack of) gluten....

So, do I consider myself as having non-Celiac gluten sensitivity? I plan to eat gluten-free from now on, though I won't go as far as getting new pots/pans or anything like that.

The blood tests and labs are not always perfect. You could get a biopsy if you want to see if there is damage. I have heard of many people testing neg on bloods and positive on biopsy.

In Topic: Is Endoscopy Needed For My 5 Year Old Daughter?

08 February 2014 - 09:46 AM

My daughter complains of stomach pains, mostly at night. Sometimes she throws up and sometimes she doesn't. Celiac does not run in our family.  My ped doctor ran blood work on ther for every food allergy and celiac comprehensive.  Here are her numbers, Deamidated Gliadin Abs IgG= 69, tTF IGA= 26, Endomysial Antiboday IgA says Positive Abnormal.  Does this mean celiac? She was negative for every ohter food allergy including wheat.  My Ped GI is suggesting the endoscopy but he is 90% sure she has celiac.  I am not sure I want to do the endoscopy.  She has no oher symptoms other than the stomach ache which keeps us up for hours at night and sometimes she throws up. I am happy to just go straight to the gluten free diet. Any information woudl be great.



 Do the endoscopy now, before she goes gluten-free.  She will need this for a "gold standard" diagnosis.  This is very important for her long term adherence to the diet and so other people believe you and take you seriously.  It may not be a big deal today if you have total control over what she is exposed to, but she will be out in the world.  Other people will treat it as a diet fad, instead of a serious disease.  This will cause her damage.  You will need the diagnosis for a 504 plan at school, so they can buy gluten-free art supplies and make other accommodations.  You will need the diagnosis, 90% sure leaves room for questions down the road and makes it super hard to be 100% vigilant about cross contamination FOR LIFE.  I can't express enough how how easy it is to cut corners when you are only 90% sure. Something in the head says, well, i don't know for sure, so i guess i can let it slide.  You will need the diagnosis so you have the confidence to always advocate on her behalf and so that she will for herself.  You don't want her to become an adolescent and think mom was just being overprotective, paranoid, brush off what YOU say (rebel).  Its easier to follow doctors orders.    You will face family and friends who will brush your requests off without an official medical diagnosis by a doctor.  This is a difficult path.  The endo is not a big deal.  You LO will go to sleep and it will be done in a few minutes.

In Topic: Gluten In Breast Milk

05 February 2014 - 02:12 PM

Absolutely,  my son reacted to my breast milk when I ingested gluten.   No doubt about it.  none.  As a vegetarian, I was a heavy gluten eater during my pregnancy and postpartum to try to get enough protein (gluten protein).  As a small baby, he was exclusively breastfed, had chronic diarrhea and vomiting and terrible colic, until his pediatrician told me to do an elimination diet.  She had me eliminate dairy first, no change; then soy, no change; then gluten - and everything stopped - he turned into a much happier baby.  Every single time I tested it or made a mistake, hours later he nursed and then had explosive D and/or V.  He was breastfed until he was 3.5 years old, so there were many occurrences.  He still reacts with the same symptoms to any trace of gluten in his diet.

In Topic: 5.5 Months gluten-free And Starting To See Issues Again

21 January 2014 - 05:54 PM


Could it be medicines, vitamins or supplements? They can contain gluten as a filler.

Could she be anemic?

Maybe try going grain free for a whileto see if that helps. Most grains that are naturally gluten-free often contain cc gluten that can affect people.

A naturopath could help get a blood test to look for food intolerances.

Good luck!

In Topic: Could This Be Celiac/gluten Intolerance? Please Help!

06 January 2014 - 05:22 AM

Have you looked into PCOS? That can make you gain belly fat there! I have friends who got really big bellies even though they were skinny and it turned out to be the polycystic overy syndrome. Other signs of that include extra body hair on belly (sometimes even dark upper lip hair or other facial hair).

You might have celiac, or non celiac gluten intolerance. That can cause depression, bellyaches, acne and bloating (it did for me). Never hurts to get tested!

I am proud of you for getting help with your ED!

Love your body and every little imperfection that is.

Keep up posted :)

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