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4 Months Gluten-Free - No Improvement - Need Help!

08 March 2012 - 10:12 AM

Hi, sorry for the long post, please bare with me, I need some advice!

I had negetive blood tests for celiac, but it runs in my family and I have malabsorption problems (undigested food), hormone imbalances, anxiety, migraines, severe hypoglycemia and digestive issues that all screamed celiac or gluten intolerance to my doctor. I have been STRICT gluten-free and DF for 4 months, and also nightshade free (with exceptions of occasional seasoning). I am also soy free. Things got better after about two months, my digestion was better and I went through an awful detox or withdrawal for about two weeks (could hardly stand, dizzy, fatigued, etc). This was promising that I was on the right track, but things started to go back downhill and never came back up. I had my thyroid checked and had small amounts of antibodies, but no thyroid hormone imbalances. I had saliva tests for adrenals and have low cortisol in the morning and high adrenaline. My doctor suggested Isocort for adrenal fatigue but it made me nauseus and my doc told me to go off it but will not prescribe hydrocortisone or anything else. She says its too intense for me and that my adrenal tests do not look THAT bad. With food, I can't tell if gluten or dairy or anything immediately affects me, I have done tons of elimination diets that didn't tell me anything, but never totally grain free (i'm thinking this might be my next move).

I don't know what to do, I still have all of my symptoms: severe reactive hypoglycemia, anxiety, inflammed mucus membranes (everywhere: stomach, sinuses, bladder, etc), chronic swollen glands, undigested food in stools, tense painful muscles, bone pain, migraines, fatigue, muscle weakness, I could go on and on.

Here are my questions: have I not waited long enough for the gluten-free diet to work it's wonders? I thought I would at least be seeing some sort of improvement in symptoms by now.

I eat a LOT of rice and "gluten-free" products, should I avoid these? Should I go completely grain free?

I started to eat some dairy again after 4 months of elimination, with no change in symptoms, should I continue eating dairy?

I thought at one point that oxalates might be bthering me, but with my other food allergies this is way to hard to deal with, plus I guess I'm in denial about some of this...can such healthy foods be so terrible for you?

I can't seem to find a doctor that can help me figure anything out and I'm so sick of trying a ton of crazy new things.

Thanks for any insight...t

Nightshade Cc?

11 January 2012 - 08:02 AM

I have Known for a couple years that I am sensitive to potatoes, they give me intestinal cramps and bone pain in my hips. I recently found out I'm sensitive to tomatoes so I avoid all nightshades now. My migraines have been getting better since. Two nights ago my partner cooked a chicken in the oven and put two potatoes in there for him. I ate the chicken for dinner and lunch the next day and I feel like I ate two potatoes. Can I get cross contamination from cooking potatoes in the same oven??

Also, anyone else with nightshade sensitivities? How long did it take you to feel better from avoiding them? It's been two weeks for me now, except for this occurrence.

Thanks, t

Nightshade Allergy Symptoms?

19 December 2011 - 01:01 PM

Hello, I have been gluten-free and dairy free for a little over a month now (had some tests that "suggest" celiac and with symptoms and family members having celiac my dr diagnosed me with it). It's been a rollercoaster since day one. I did have the crazy miserable withdrawal that some have, the worst seems to be over now. But I am still having reactions to something and I think it's nightshades. I am very strict about my diet, and don't think I'm getting cc. I notice I'm fine for a few days and things are getting better: I'm happier, digestion is so much improved its kind of rediculous, restless leg has stopped, sleeping better. BUT, every few days I'm still getting the following symptoms (which clear up and come back):
Swollen glands (this has been chronic for 3 years)
Sinus inflammation
Nasal/nostril sores
Peeling lips
Brain fog
Feeling generally gross/ill/no appetite/nauseous
Body pain/bone pain
Hypoglycemia symptoms

I have been diagnosed allergic to tomatoes and potatoes which cause me some grief but not terrible but I've never given up all nightshades completely. Could these symptoms be related to nightshades? Im asking because I thought nightshades only caused digestional cramping and joint pain. I just want to know if I'm still recovering from gluten/dairy or if these are symptoms of nightshade allergy. Nightshades are proving SO hard for me to eliminate. They are in EVERYTHING! Thanks to anyone who can give me insight or hope! t

Need Some Encouragement!

05 December 2011 - 02:08 PM

Hi, I'm so thankful for this site and the amount I've learned from you all since joining! I have had some negative blood tests but positive for total SIgA and thyroid antibodies. No biopsy, but celiac runs in family and my dr thinks I may have it. I agreed to do the strict gluten and dairy free diet. I started one month ago today and have noticed some improvements so far... Way better digestion, sinus inflammation has gone down, chronic swollen glands have gone down. But I am still having tons of symptoms, especially migraines, bladder pain, fatigue. Over the past two weeks the headaches have been everyday, and the bladder pain has been really bad at times, also my fatigue and head fog are off the charts horrible. I'm wondering if even after a month on the diet if I can still be having detox symptoms. That's what it feels like it is, I just thought this part would be over sooner. My dr also has me on homeopathic detox drops for my liver and kidneys as I have a mild fatty liver (not from alcohol/drugs). I also have been doing green smoothies with fresh greens daily too, I suppose all this might be too much for my system to handle. Can anyone give any insight as to how long detox can last from going gluten/dairy free and what are some things you can do to relieve the awfulness of it? Also how long it takes to start feeling better from the fatigue and headaches etc? Thank you! T

Hypoglycemia A Symptom Of Celiac?

27 November 2011 - 10:39 AM

Hi Everyone,

I am wondering if hypoglycemia can be a symptom of celiac? I have severe reactive hypoglycemia for 2 years now. My Dr did tests for adrenal hormones and found my cortisol is lower than it should be which make sense. She wants me to take 1 Isocort pellet in morning.

I guess my question is...will the hypo get better with the gluten-free diet? I have been on it strictly for 3 weeks now and not many symptoms are better yet, it usually takes longer for me to show signs of any improvement with any symptoms, but I haven't ever been on it long enough for the hypo to show improvement.

Thanks, t.

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