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Member Since 10 Nov 2011
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Slowed Baby Growth

07 April 2015 - 11:24 PM

Hi I am almost 39 weeks pregnant and baby was growing on 50th centile on chart but dropped to 10th centile from 34 weeks and had a growth scan yesterday and growth now dropped below chart so they have decided to induce labour on friday at 39 weeks. Just wondered if snyone else had encountered this before? Didnt have this with my first 2 babies but wsnt diagnosed with coeliac disease until my youngest was 1 year.

Feeling Angry!

13 October 2014 - 12:34 AM

Hi I haven't posted for a while as since me and my son have been diagnosed and on a gluten free diet for almost 3 years now we have been virtually problem free!

However, my son started school last month and all had been fine until he needed to go to The Base which is the wrap around care at school. My partner picked him and up and received a phone call soon after apologising saying she had fed my son gluten noodles!!

After trying so hard to keep his diet gluten free this had not only disappointed me but my son was also extremely upset. He got his self so wound up the he threw up. Since then (just over a week ago) his stools have been very loose wit him making in the night with tummy ache and needing to go to the toilet. Today I am unable to send him to school because of this. He has been well in his self but his tummy doesn't seem to have settled.

Does anyone know how long these symptoms can go on for?? I feel awful for him.

I got myself so upset about it that I haven't been able to approach the club but do need to go in and speak to them and make them aware of how serious the situation is! If this was a child with a peanut allergy they could have ended up in hospital or worse!

I filled in the forms properly and stated that Charlie was coeliac and had to have a gluten free diet. I also spoke to the manager in person and was assured they had gluten free food to offer him so how this has happened is hard for me to grasp!!!

Any comments would be much appreciated x

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