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Newbie And Have A Question, Please.

16 February 2012 - 04:11 PM


I Guess you can say I have been trolling here for a month or two and decided to jump in. I kept thinking gluten-free is for celiac's right, and I am not jumping on that 'FAD' rollar coaster..LITTLE DID I KNOW…I had no clue what gluten even meant so please forgive me in my ignorance..

i have been diagnosed with Hasimoto's Thyroiditis and finding a Doc who know's about this, adrenal sluggishness never mind gluten-free is hard. I am newly gluten-free, I would say since before Thanksgiving. Thinking back, when I was a newborn my mother use to have to give me goat's milk and lamb, that was it, nothing else. I was allergic to everything sometimes so badly that the neighbor had a night blooming Jasmine tree and the Health Dept actually called them and asked them to cut it down…ohh for the good ole day's... :D

However I never put any of it together until I had my hysterectomy and oopherectomy (being younger and more trussing) and I spiraled out of control since then. I was all along hasi however it took me 8 yrs and a lot of research to finally find the correct test's to get my diagnosis..My brother, who is a diabetic and wears the pump also has Psoriasis so gluten/autoimmune issues abound..lol

Okay so I went gluten-free the first thing I noticed was my belly was not swollen in the afternoon's. I kept asking my husband,"I don't know why my stomach get's swollen in the afternoon and it's so uncomfortable." Three day's later the bloating was gone and I lost 5 lbs,(well I didn't lose 5 lbs in 3 day's lol I mean since I went gluten-free. ew wouldn't that be nice 5 pounds in 3day's…hehe) which is alway's good new's for a thyroid Hypo/ hasi patient…

Long story short my GP is helping me (he admit's he doesn't know much) with my hasi's and NATURAL DESICCATED THYROID MEDCINE.. I ask him in an oh so polite way while not offending him if we can run this test or when I research and find a study if we can try this and so far he has been a Godsend. This is the first time i have seen him, believe it or not since my hasimoto's diagnosis in October and I said,"well it's confirmed Hasi." and told him I went gluten-free. He decided to run a gluten panel but my question is this if you please..WILL IT BE ACCURATE? And should I be CONCERNED IF IT IS NOT?

Being still relatively new to this and my husband does most of the food shopping I am sure I am getting "hidden" gluten somewhere. lol Between getting my memory back from being hypo all these year's and the brain fog lifting it's still kinda hard to tell my husband (who I must confess as good as he is get's frustrated) whom keep's asking me<"What is gluten?" and 10 phone calls every time he is at the store. :P I am so grateful he tries but me being confused sometime's trying to tell him? Well I am sure I am getting some GLUTEN somewhere…lol Weighting in that factor of "Hidden Gluten" other than that I take every chance to go gluten-free, even in my toothpaste so how accurate will the test's be? Also, okay, I MYSELF KNOW I HAVE GLUTEN PROBLEM'S BUT EVEN IF THE TEST'S ARE SKEWED ( I heard in order to be properly diagnosed you have to go back to eating gluten. Not sure this is accurate tho) do I really need a diagnosis?n I mean how important is an "OFFICIAL DIAGNOSIS". I guess I have gotten sensitive to the fact I am dealing with a Dr. who really doubts what I am telling him but really want's me to feel well again I don't want to misstep in any direction. KWIM

Any and all thought's would be so welcomed…
thank you for this site and all you do. Also any suggestions are welcomed also…

A good night to all...

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