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In Topic: Why Are Dr's Incompetent?

23 November 2011 - 08:25 AM

Last year I finally got tired of feeling like crap all the time and had started to suspect celiac. So I went to my dr and he agreed based on my symptoms to test me. I was told that all my blood work results were normal but, was going to do the endoscopy with biopsies. Where he did a total of 8 biopsies, only two were in my small intestine. I was told the biopsies came back normal,so I continued looking for a different answer and was tested for food allergies. I am changing allergists next week and it restarted my desire to get an actual diagnosis. So I got copies of the blood work that was done as well as the endoscopy and pathology reports. I was shocked to find that the only somewhat relevant test that was done for testing for celiac was a b-12 test. Which was normal at 500 because I was already supplementing 1000 mcgs daily since july when the level was dropped to 205. I apparently never had the blood tests for celiac. And since I went completely gluten free several months ago and have no desire to eat gluten for several months to be tested. So I will never get a diagnosis. I just don't understand why the blood tests weren't done when I had to have blood drawn anyways. The way that blood work is done in that office is rather backwards too. They draw blood there and run what tests they can and send what they can't do off, so I never saw the slips of what tests were being done.

I have been there - done that bought the T-shirt but not to come up for the doctors Celiac is known to be a chameleon throwing the doctors of the course. It is easily missed as the symptoms often show something not even remotely obvious as a gluten issue. a Blood test could revile a probability for Celiac BUT it has to be confirmed via biopsy. I have been with a gastroenterologist that claimed poisoning (Hello who did it my husband..) I think the bottom line is you need to spill all the beans, give a full profile, when talking to the doctor, explain all the issues and ask to be tested for Celiac. Most GP's do not know the first thing about Celiac thus "confuse" the symptoms with something ells. My advice to people not knowing if they have Celiac or not is: If first you do not get better from the doctors treatment find another doctor and ask to be referred to a specialist. We take for granted that doctors should know everything. We need to trust our instincts if the doctors diagnoses does not fit your gut feeling you are probably right get help from someone ells!!

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